Day 1: Exhale and Unwind

In this first class from Janet's seven day retreat, you are treated to a practice of unwinding. If left unchecked, the amount of toxins we carry in our emotional, mental, and physical bodies begins to clog our vision, congest our breath, and restrict our heart. In this sequence we focus on emptying the breath, emptying our old stories and wringing out old waste in body, thoughts and actions. This video is part of Janet's 7-Day Bali Retreat practice guide.

Contraindications: Follow the breath into the twists - not twist and then breathe. The breath will guide you to care for your spince, internal organs, and limits. If pregnant, please explore counter-twists i.e. make space for the baby, open the twist in the direction of space. Props recommended: Two blocks, possibly a strap.

Featuring music by Ben Davis

Teacher: Janet Stone
Audio Languages: English, Spanish, German, French
Subtitles: English