Expansion: Check In

Take a moment to reflect on the transformative journey you've undertaken together. Acknowledge the growth, insights, and shared experiences that have shaped your collective path.

In this last last check-in, you will:

✓ Normalize the process of growth and transformation, recognizing that it involves both peaks and plateaus. ✓ Discuss the importance of movement as a means to purify energy within, acknowledging the body's need for tempering and opening. ✓ Pause, and revisit earlier stages of the journey by embracing the opportunity to rework practices, exploring the depth of each stage with a renewed perspective

Remember to infuse joy into your practice as you go back and revisit. Understand the intrinsic value in dedicating time and energy to your journey, appreciating the unique expressions that unfold, regardless of the outcome.

Your commitment to the path has been and will be a valuable part of the transformative process.

Home play: • Journal for 10 minutes on what you gained from this experience. Questions to contemplate: Why am I glad I completed this guide? What did I learn? What went well? Where are my areas of growth? What are my next steps?

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English