Expansion: Lecture

Enter the final stage of your meditation journey, where previous practices converge to reveal transformative wisdom. Kevin invites you to connect to the vibration of love by playing with the dimension of space.

✓ Expanding into a deeper level of awareness and consciousness by delving into broadening perception, and navigating the expansiveness of inner realms in this lesson. ✓ Unravel maturity's facets through dedicated meditation and experience the dissolution of the rigid 'I,' a subtle yet powerful transformation as boundaries blur. ✓ Discover oneness within this culminating practice and as self-layers dissolve, connect profoundly with the universal tapestry.

Learn to expand awareness, witness maturity, and embrace pervasive oneness. This lesson marks the zenith of the teachings.

Home play: • Journal on what it means to mature beyond the illusion of I and tap into the field of oneness.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English