The Hidden Power of Meditation: How to Build a Practice
1 Season . 18 Episodes TV-G

A progressive six-part program with all the techniques, mindsets, and supports you need to build or optimize your personal meditation practice for greater peace of mind and body.

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The Hidden Power of Meditation: How to Build a Practice (Preview)

Join Kevin Courtney, an expert in meditation, mindfulness, and conscious leadership, as he dives into a 6-week course designed to break down the necessary tools for meditating more masterfully and building a solid practice.

In this guide, you will: ✓ Gain a comprehensive understanding of philosophical foundations informing meditation techniques. ✓ Foster a deep connection with self through delving into fundamental principles underpinning awareness and breath practices. ✓ Discover artful ways to harness your mind for a profound and fulfilling practice, honing mental clarity, enhancing focus, and cultivating resilience. ✓ Learn strategies for consistency, overcoming challenges, and seamlessly integrating meditation into your lifestyle for lasting transformation and sustainable practice. ✓ Opens doors to deeper insights, increased intuition, and a richer understanding of your inner landscape and self. ✓ Journey beyond ordinary awareness, experiencing glimpses into heightened states of being. ✓ Explore practices that dissolve the boundaries between self and others, unveiling the unity that lies at the core of existence.

Meditation becomes a vehicle for transcending the limitations of the egoic mind, fostering a sense of interconnectedness with the universe. Join us as we explore the philosophy, purpose, and structure of meditation, laying the foundation for an enriching meditation experience.

This course is for beginners and seasoned practitioners, offering practices that gradually build in duration and complexity. It is recommended that you take your time with this series to cultivate the necessary skills for the long haul.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
4 mins TV-G
In this introduction, Kevin Courtney invites you on a journey to develop a profound meditation practice by going over three pillars of a solid practice: awareness, breath and presence.
6 mins TV-G
Join Kevin Courtney as he guides you through essential aspects of this standalone practice, addressing what to do when your mind feels active, encouraging rest in the soothing rhythm of breathing and presence.
1 min TV-G
Take a moment to check in with your intentions and your practice on this transformative journey.
2 mins TV-G
Indulge in a meditation practice with, Kevin Courtney, focusing on adjusting posture, connecting with natural breathing, deepening breath awareness, exploring breath sensations, attuning to the pelvic floor, and relishing the breath.
10 mins TV-G
Invite a powerful connection with your breath in this guided meditation to help establish a regular practice. Part of a six-part program, this stand-alone meditation unveils gentle techniques designed to meet you where you are and take you beyond.
3 mins TV-G
In this lesson, Kevin Courtney offers valuable insights as you delve into the transmutative practice of connecting with your breath. He emphasizes the correlation between internal expansion and the shifts you may encounter along the way.
5 mins TV-G
Be guided toward a holistic understanding of the meditative journey by gaining awareness of the three main influences on the mind—the five senses, memory, and the push and pull of desire.
15 mins TV-G
Experience the power of the Kapalabhati breath technique, a powerful pranayama practice aimed at allowing you to tap into your life force energy and awaken your vital energy centers.
3 mins TV-G
Kevin Courtney skillfully leads you in understanding the essence of building stamina through a harmonious blend of energy, consistent practice, and the flow of the present.
4 mins TV-G
In this week’s lesson, Kevin Courtney invites you to delve into the more refined aspects of your practice, guiding you through the exploration of internal sounds, the intricate layers of the 8 limb system of yoga, and the concept of pratyahara.
22 mins TV-G
Kevin guides you through a deeply ancient and transformative meditation, empowering you to connect more deeply with the transitory quality of your breath to unlock the potential of mantras'.
7 mins TV-G
Join Kevin Courtney as he offers insights into unique experiences, the power of repetition, and the transformative potential of silent mantras.
3 mins TV-G
Dive into the exploration of time within your unique perspective to engage with it as a fluid and personal experience, encouraging a shift in your perception.
26 mins TV-G
Explore this meditation on time as we weave your focus forward and backwards through the past, present, and future. As you access these different timelines, build the muscles necessary to access deeper dimensions of the meditative state. From this place, the hidden powers of meditation — such as the ability to see into the true nature of things — can emerge.
9 mins TV-G
The power to see into the true nature of time unfolds as you continue to rest your attention on it. Check in with Kevin Courtney as he delves into the nuanced aspects of meditation.
6 mins TV-G
Enter the final stage of your meditation journey, where previous practices converge to reveal transformative wisdom. Kevin invites you to connect to the vibration of love by playing with the dimension of space.
31 mins TV-G
Embark on this enlightening meditation with Kevin Courtney, creating a sacred space to delve into guided awareness expansion, understand the evolutionary process of meditation, and ultimately attain the hidden power of ‘discriminate knowledge’,
7 mins TV-G
Discuss the importance of movement as a means to purify energy within, acknowledging the body's need for tempering and opening.