The Hidden Power of Meditation

Kevin Courtney
6 Seasons, 19 Episodes
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Welcome to a series unlike anything Gaia has seen before. In this progressive six-part program, featuring meditation practices between 5 & 30 minutes long, Kevin Courtney unveils meditation techniques designed to meet you where you are and take you beyond.

Each of the six sections contains three videos: a short lecture, a guided meditation practice, and a check-in for support and inspiration. Digesting these sections as complete units will help you to dive deeper into the program while feeling supported along the way.

Looking to drop right into meditation? Feel free to skip directly to the meditation practice videos.

In the first three sections of this program, you will establish a connection to the forces of mind and energy using your awareness, breath, attention. The final three sections encourage you to explore the more subtle realms of the psyche and consciousness.

In order to listen more closely to your inner landscape, these meditations are designed to be done in silence.

It’s recommended you take your time with this series. Spend a week or two with each meditation practice. Meditate daily. Commit. Discover the hidden power laced within these ancient practices. Results may come quickly or they may come in time. As long as you make space to sit down and tune in, you are doing it right.