Forgiveness, Release, & Peace - Meditation

When we forgive, we are making peace with the past and writing a new story for our present reality. Teacher Sah D’Simone guides this meditation practice to help inspire you to achieve a new perspective with the mantra “I am at peace with my past.”

In this healing meditation, Sah D'Simone guides you to:

✓ Unshackle yourself from the limiting belief that mistakes define your identity by exploring the freedom that comes with realizing that mistakes are mere experiences, not an encapsulation of your true self. ✓ Unlock the energetic channels within you by releasing the weight of judgment and self-blame, you open yourself to a flow of compassion and understanding. ✓ View life through the lens of miracles by recognizing the inherent magic and transformative potential in every experience, understanding that growth and beauty can emerge even from challenging moments.

Release the grip of defining mistakes, unblock your channels through forgiveness, and view life through the lens of miracles, allowing your true essence to shine beyond the shadows of perceived imperfections.

Home play: • Take notice in your life where miracles are beginning to happen • For the next few days, write down all of the beauty you witness in the world at the end of your day and reflect on it.

Host: Sah D'Simone
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English