Foundation: Lecture

In this initial discussion, Kevin Courtney invites you on a journey to develop a profound meditation practice by going over three pillars of a solid practice: awareness, breath and presence.

Throughout this first lesson, you will:

✓ Meet the practitioner and get acquainted with his teaching style. ✓ Gain clarity on what to expect for the next 6 weeks. ✓ Begin exploring the foundations of establishing a connection between breath and mind, harnessing the power of the mind, and experiencing the organic expansion of consciousness when unified with space.

Prepare yourself for the initiation of an age-old spiritual practice, a timeless tradition that has benefited millions across the globe, bringing about profound transformations.

Home play: • Create a sacred space for your meditation practice. • Decide on a time and place for you to stay devoted to. • Plug it into your calendar.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English