Interview with Georgia Jean

In this episode Reuben Interviews Georgia Jean who channels a non-physical collective known as “The Circle of Light.” They guided her constantly to help expand her knowledge, experience and understanding in a broad range of fields, including remote healing, the human energy field, the chakra system, vibrational sound healing, hypnosis, psychology, creative visualization, and crystal healing.

Georgia’s journey into metaphysics began at the age of fifteen when she was given a book on palmistry. This quickly evolved into a fascination with astrology, tarot, and anything that could help her understand "why we are the way we are." At twenty, she was introduced to the incredible benefits of transcendental meditation, which began her lifelong love and practice of meditation techniques.

She began to channel a group of nonphysical entities made up of angels, guides and Ascended Masters who called themselves the Circle of Light. In this interview Reuben learns more about Georgia’s journey, and dives into “The Circle of Light” with her.

Featuring: Reuben Langdon, Georgia Jean
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English