Let Go in Backbends

Nichole Golden
Yoga Every Day
S20:Ep21HathaLevel 1-217 mins

This week we will work with the concept of aparigraha - a Sanskrit word that means non-grasping. Together, we will unravel any tightly wound attachment we hold to the outcome of our practice, achievement of goals in our lives, and the ways in which we identify ourselves in the world. With backbending postures such as locust (salabhasana) and chest expansions, this practice is an offering of letting go of what clogs us, whether it be a desire for material objects or constrictive ideas. By releasing our possessiveness, we are able to fully show up in the world with a sense of abundance.

Props: One blanket

Contraindications: Knee, Shoulder or Spinal Injury

Instructor/Host: Nichole Golden
Video Language: English