Overcoming the Challenges of Ascension with Lee Harris

As body and being prepare for ascension, a degree of density detox must be endured so that we can become unstuck from our lives. Lee Harris explains that many people are currently experiencing the symptoms of accelerated ascension, which includes letting go of the things which the soul no longer needs and releasing trauma from the body.

Lee Harris’s journey as a channeler began in 1998 when he heard the voice of Zachary, who was part of a greater collective of 88 spirit guides. During that time, he had nearly daily conversations with this collective which built his skills as a channeler and intuitive. Quite expectantly, this became his full time vocation in 2007. He now leads seminars and retreats all over the world and has worked with over 1700 people.

Host: Sean Stone
Featuring: Lee Harris
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English