Placebos & the Power of Belief

You can begin to learn how to break the shackles of limited thinking and problem solving by making effective use of the placebo response. Ben Stewart shares ways that the power of belief can change the chemistry of our bodies, overcome bad habits and create new ones, and even resist the negativity broadcast by mainstream media narratives. He explains the role of belief with the placebo effect and how we can creatively use it to unlock our full potential. He All we have to do is learn to tap into the creativity of the artist’s mind to make simple changes in our body/mind connection and with the world around us.

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 Inspirations with Lisa Garr - Barbara Marx Hubbard on Co-Creating Change:

 Art Meets Science and Spirituality – From Fragmentation to Wholeness

 Conscious Media Network – Alex Grey on the Art of Humanity
Host: Ben Stewart
Audio Languages: English, French, Spanish, German
Subtitles: English, French, German, Spanish