Rise of the Feminine in Modern Society with Sally Kempton

Everyday Enlightenment with Ashleigh Sergeant
S1:Ep227 minsNovember 2018Guest: Sally Kempton

“The future is female” and “#metoo” and just some of the phrases found in modern culture that suggests the tables are turning in favor of feminine power. Beyond the sociopolitical realm, what will it take for the feminine to truly rise? Join master meditation teacher and author on the divine feminine Sally Kempton and host Ashleigh Sergeant in this provocative episode that sheds light on the true embodiment and embrace of both feminine and masculine energies.

Perhaps, Ashleigh and Sally posit, arriving at a more gender-balanced society begins on a personal level. Initiate your own journey towards equality with a technique Sally offers at the end of the episode; tune into the common root of aliveness and awareness, the breath, to discover the humanity shared amongst us all.

Instructor/Host: Ashleigh Sergeant
Featuring: Sally Kempton
Video Language: English