Silence: Check In

Join Kevin Courtney as he offers insights into unique experiences, the power of repetition, and the transformative potential of silent mantras.

In this check-in, be prepared to: ✓ Hear the importance of tracking your awareness within the practice, encouraging you to normalize the diversity of experiences encountered along the way. ✓ Embrace the discomfort as a breaking of patterns and explore the transformative power inherent in the repetition of silent mantras. ✓ Learn how to modify your meditation practice to suit your unique needs and abilities recognizing the power of meditation as a tool to harness your will and intent, empowering you to command the state you desire to be in.

As you immerse yourself in the reflection of silent sound with Kevin Courtney, gain a deeper understanding of your unique experience, navigate discomfort, and unlock the transformative power of repetition.

Home play: • Practice this style of mediation a few times this week and jot down any difficulties and successes in your journal.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English