Silence: Lecture

In this week’s lesson, Kevin Courtney invites you to delve into the more refined aspects of your practice, guiding you through the exploration of internal sounds, the intricate layers of the 8 limb system of yoga, and the profound concept of pratyahara—the 6th limb, drawing the senses inward.

Immerse yourself in: ✓ The practice of listening to subtle internal sounds, establishes a transformative connection with the auditory realms within. ✓ Yoga's holistic philosophy explores the 8 limb system, with a special emphasis on the transformative 6th limb, pratyahara. ✓ Your body's response to sound fosters a practice that enhances your connection with the inner self, creating harmony through mindful sound awareness.

Embrace the subtleties of energy, the resonance of mantras, and the transformative power of sound as you continue your journey toward a more profound connection with yourself through meditation.

Home play: • Pay attention to how your body responds to sound throughout the day. • Journal what you notice for five minutes.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English