Silence: Meditation Practice

In this more advanced meditation, Kevin Courtney guides you through the process of bringing awareness to your skin and softening your entire body, preparing you for a silent journey inward.

You will have direct experience to: ✓ The ability to land you into inner space by using the intelligence of your breath as a guiding vehicle. ✓ Allowing the rhythm to unfold organically, attuning to the silent sound within the heart, and tracing your awareness to the midbrain. ✓ The organic emergence of the sound and its vibrational effects through mantras as tools for tuning into the pulsations of your energy field.

Kevin guides you through a deeply ancient and transformative meditation, empowering you to connect more deeply with the transitory quality of your breath to unlock the potential of mantras' self-discovery.

Home play: • Practice this meditation daily. • Journal for five minutes on your experience.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English