Bands of Frequency and How You Attract Certain Things into Your Life

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We would like to begin this conversation by inviting you to read a few details on energy frequency. You, as a human being, are made up of different forms of frequency. Science knows this and that is why there are so many different bands of frequencies that exist in everything around you.

Everything that you can see, taste, touch, feel, hear, has frequency to it. There is energy, the measurement of frequency, in everything! YES…everything! The question is whether you are aware of that energy or not, and whether you are using it for its real purpose in your life’s existence.

Without going into great depth on how energy is attracted to something, or how frequency attracts other likened energy frequency to it, let’s explain the basic understanding of just how frequency is accepted by science and most human beings on this planet. We will delve into how others use this frequency later on in this discussion.

Mainfestation in a Participatory Reality

If you were to search on the Internet for the word “frequency”, you would learn that science has known for countless years that all things hold matter. Everything which exists in this 3-dimensional realm has a frequency band to it or an energy band emitted from it. Those bands are as follows: Hertzan, Infrared, Visible Light, Ultraviolet, X-ray, Gamma & Infinite Unknown. Ironically, each band is also represented by its own coloration that is emitted:

  • Hertzian: Orange
  • Infrared: Red
  • Visible Light: Yellow
  • Ultraviolet: Violet Blue
  • Gamma: Cobalt Blue
  • Infinite Unknown: Purple
  • X-ray: Green

The colorations are a direct representation of each frequency and since all things contain matter, all colors are in everything in some form or another. This is how your auric field gets read by a reader. There are those in this realm of existence who can read the energy that is given off of things that hold matter to them.

We can guess that this is why certain things are important to different people–because they matter. The moment something ‘matters,’ it contains more energy, so it becomes important to you and only you. This is also why people who have their auric fields read by a device can experience a field coloration change from moment to moment, because different things will matter to them at different moments.

There are many teachings around the world that deal with the importance of attracting certain energy frequencies. This is supposedly done by raising your frequency, thinking certain thoughts, eating certain foods, maintaining certain lifestyles, and the list goes on and on. What some teachings are not informing you is this: EVERYTHING has matter to it, and so everything matters. Everything has energy to it, not just certain things…everything. But, certain things may matter more to certain people.

Where your energy lies, or where your frequency is at, is what you attract in your existence.

Maybe a simple analogy such as the following may help:

Do you know what a magnet is? Magnets attract metallic shards or pieces of matter that hold metal in them. If you were to drag that magnet through a pile of sand, objects that are attracted to it by magnetism would stick to it. Not all of the sand would stick to it because not everything is attracted to it. Do you see how this works? Take a wet piece of wood and do the same thing through the same sand pile. Only certain particles will stick to the wood–or in other words, only the things that matter to the wet wood are attracted to it and stick to it.

This concept also holds true for your life. Your existence is based upon what matters to you. What is attracted to you in your life is based upon the energy, or frequency, that you emit and likened energy frequencies are attracted back to you. This is how the universe works.

Have you ever wondered if what you see, others see in the same way? Do you know that this is impossible? Based upon the human makeup or genetic makeup, no two people see anything the same or feel exactly the same about anything.

So how does this work with frequency? This is where the likened frequency is matched and based upon what you are emitting and attracting to you. Everything that is attracted is a likened match to your energy. Now you ask yourself: what does this have to do with consciousness?

As we have stated before and in other articles, consciousness is the way you think, your perspective on things, or your attitude on all thoughts you process. So, you end up attracting to you whatever you think about and the way you think about it. If it has a likened energy frequency match, it will attract. If it doesn’t have a match, it will not attract. This is how it all works. When you raise your consciousness, you start attracting the same conscious match to you in everything you do. You begin to change your perspective so different things start to show up in different ways.

Everything that holds matter around you has its own energy field. When your energy field comes into play with something, it becomes interactive. We tend to play in similar energy fields, as everything attracts only the things that are vibrating at the same rate as our thought acceptance. And everyone is working within the same frequency, or energy, but not having the same experience.

So, since this is a truth that exists on this earthly plane, everyone or everything that holds matter to it has the capacity to be attracted to everyone else or everything else, merely based upon where you are sitting within the frequency, or where the vibration matches. This is how you base the decisions you make on a daily basis; according to what you are matching within a certain frequency, or what you are attracting in your vibration field.

So when you don’t like what is going on in your life, you need to alter your vibration or the way you think. This different vibration will then attract a different outcome. The longer you stay at an energy frequency in your existence, the more you are able to attract back to you likened energy frequency…because it matches.

You must also remember that consciousness is based upon where you sit within the Seals Of Consciousness. Knowing where you sit is the first step to allowing you to make changes in your life and start attracting different energy, or frequency, back to you.

There are numerous ways to raise your energy or frequency as a human being. Some say it’s meditation. Some say it’s what you eat. We said earlier that it is a combination of a lot of things. Meditation is a great starting point to begin and end your day with. What you eat or ingest helps you in how you feel throughout your day. Remember that anything that comes from LOVE is of high frequency. Anything that comes from FEAR is of low frequency.

What programming do you watch during your day? What occupies most of your waking hours? At the end of your day, how do you feel about things? The answers to all of these questions affect your energy and your frequency. This is why we always ask: How aware are you of what is going on in your life? Most would say it is too hard to be aware of everything! Well, how is your life? Do you seek to change? Are you getting tired of the same old things going on day after day?

You must change your frequency in order to change anything that comes or goes on in your life. Learning how to create a new thought, a new attitude towards ALL thoughts will result in a far more expansive experience. You can eliminate limitations and suffering by seeing and feeling things differently.

We have dedicated our lives to providing such insights, and to help you develop new ways of thought creation and expansion. Do new things, be open-minded, create through love, and your life will change.

Hopefully, this brief discussion helps you in the advancement of yourself and your knowledge. Feel free to visit our website where we have an extensive library of enlightening videos and discussions. All are designed to help you along your personal journey to becoming more refined in your human experience.

The Flow of the Universe: Move From Scarcity to Abundance

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Our goal of living an abundant and happy life with all our creative and financial needs met is why we work so hard every day. When working harder and longer hours isn’t being reflected back to us in our bank balance, we need to look at our mindset about money.

Abundance, or lack thereof, is connected to feelings inside of us. These feelings come from our past experiences and our societal cues. According to Eckhart Tolle, “a person’s thinking and beliefs are conditioned by their past: their upbringing and culture they live in.”

Negative experiences as a child can create a scarcity mindset. If we overheard our parents fighting over money, we may relate acquiring affluence with instability and fear. A chaotic family life where there was never enough money but plenty of drama around the subject can create deep patterns of resistance such as: blaming others for lack, overspending to fill a void, or hanging on too tight for fear of running out of it.

We live in a world where the messages of scarcity are all around us.

We must buy everything on sale, not overspend and think there is never enough. We are victims of a scarcity consciousness that effect our actions and perceptions.

There are many who are unable to free themselves from the burden of guilt they feel from ignoring the class structure that confined their parents. Making over a certain amount can actually cause shame and feelings of unworthiness, so success is often sabotaged without being conscious of what is really happening at a deeper level. These mindsets can hold our earning potential hostage. If we have a failure mindset, we are fighting the natural flow of the universe, always swimming upstream and wondering why we don’t seem to be getting anywhere. We need a whole new perspective on wealth.


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