The Awesome Power of the Field of Love

The Awesome Power of the Field of Love

In February, a lot of us start thinking about Love and it’s not only because our most widely celebrated cross-cultural holiday is observed on February 14th. Apparently people were thinking of Love at that time of year way before there even was a St. Valentine. Maybe it has more to do with winter turning the corner – the first inklings of springtime, softly fizzling in our future.

No, in our reality it isn’t the seasons or saints that inspire a couple billion dollars worth of chocolate to be sold, the harvesting of two hundred million roses, or the wedding engagements of somewhere around five to six million couples, it’s the most powerful extra-dimensional force known to humankind. It’s Love, silly, and it can move mountains.

“None of the means employed…has a sixteenth part of the value of loving-kindness. Loving-kindness, which is freedom of the heart, absorbs them all; it glows, it shines, it blazes forth.”

The Buddha

Love is a powerful field of positive energy that makes all of Life’s greatest spiritual and material manifestations and realizations possible. The more we consciously engage with the field of Love, the greater those manifestations and realizations will be.

The Power of the Heart

The Power of the Field of Love

We are surrounded by energetic fields that we happily manage to put to use or unconsciously accept. Gravity works. Electromagnetism works. Quantum electrodynamics, which essentially describes how light and matter magically interact, is probably the most successful scientific theory in history, in terms of mathematical probability. And it’s the language of field theory that best describes how the profound phenomenon of Love works, too.

“A particle makes a field, and a field acts on another particle, and the field has such familiar properties as energy content and momentum, just as particles can have.”

Richard Feynman

In the same way we describe energetic fields in a reliable way, the systems and terminology can be utilized to reliably describe Love as a field, whether we’re talking about discrete particles and their degrees of freedom, the total energy of a system, or the kinetic or potential energy in a field (which in Love’s case we know to be infinite), or even in terms of the more mystical, transpersonal characteristics of Love as described by “non-locality” and “entanglement,” interactions reliably observed in the quantum field.

In fact, you could say that Love exists in a “hyper-dimension” – a living, unifying field of power out of which the most beautiful aspects of Life can materialize spontaneously when witnessed by an engaged observer, catalyzed by consciousness – or as indicated by the intimate entanglement of two particles (let’s call them “lovers” – even though they may be miles apart).

“Where there is Love, there is Life.”

Mahatma Gandhi

I prefer to simplify matters and just say that Love actually is the field.

But enough quasi-scientific mumbo-jumbo, let’s talk about the evidence of Love’s power…let’s talk about what Love can do.

Evidence of the the Awesome Power of the Love Field

You can guess what I’ll say about Love’s power to inspire and create, so let’s start with a little deconstruction: In the same way that everything would float around like crazy-town if the field of gravity were compromised, all of the difficult and damaging aspects of life on Earth originate out of conditions created by man-made compromises and dramatic disturbances in The Field of Love.

When Love is abundant and unbroken – without obstacles or restraints – very good things happen. People behave compassionately and take appropriate, intelligent actions (great kinetic energy). People aid each other in accomplishing amazingly wonderful, and beneficial things (great potential energy). Our shared outer Nature is cared for; and our inner nature is nurtured, as art and beauty flourish.

“Love and wisdom are inseparable, like Reality and Emergence, with Love actually emerging by means of wisdom and in keeping within it.”

Emanuel Swedenborg

When Love is compromised, obstructed, or nowhere to be found, every imaginable slight, manipulation, exploitation, destruction and inconceivable horror suddenly becomes conceivable. Without these selfish and exploitative parts of human nature that create so many problems for the planet and its inhabitants – caused by disengagement from the field of Love – there would only be the beautiful flow, inter-species support and miraculous co-creation of life’s truest potential.

The Abundance of Love

When we can perceive Love as a specific field of energy, we can ask: What is this thing called Love? What are its powers and limits? What can it really do? No one seems to have a real problem with recognizing the absolute and all-encompassing aspects of Love.

What is Love? What Can Love Do?

  1. Love is the purposeful power that animates every deeply fulfilling positive experience, truly inspired interest and the sincerest expressions of real value and true beauty in our lives.
  2. Love is the eternal, trans-dimensional quantum field of creation and communication that all forms of life arise out of and are inexorably joined by. We are created by small expressions of Love, yet our greatest potential for creation and communication depend on our ability to channel as much Love as possible.
  3. The direction provided by Love definitively demonstrates the clearest, simplest solution to every misdirected ill and injury ever perpetrated within our sphere of consciousness. Every problem, approached with Love, finds its proper solution; every injury, treated with Love, finds a spontaneous (sometimes miraculous) cure.

“Are you jealous of the ocean’s generosity?

Fish don’t hold the sacred liquid in cups!

They swim in the huge fluid freedom.”


The Formation of Everything in the Love Field

Along the lines of Rupert Sheldrake’s Theory of Morphic Resonance, The Field of Love is an “organizing field” that is biological, developmental and evolutionary in nature; it imposes patterns of beneficial usefulness, health and beauty on material and conceptual expressions in our world. As a result, we can plainly see it expressing itself through all the forms of life around us. It’s most obvious in Nature, where patterns of purposeful creative order repeat themselves over and over, resulting in incomparable beauty and miraculously limitless manifestation.

In forms of human expression, Love is easily witnessed in architecture, for example, where structures that express human ego are cold, intimidating and unsustainable; while structures formed by Love, often made by hand, are crafted from nature’s resilient renewables and offer qualities for people to live within and share with one another.

And everyone knows that Love is the most important ingredient in all the tastiest, healthiest food. There’s always Love pouring flavor and satisfaction through simple, carefully prepared meals, whose ingredients are sourced close to home. The forms are obvious – the closer to Nature, the better. This doesn’t mean that all prepared or packaged foods are loveless, there is an evolutionary, intuitive trend towards simple natural content – away from anything that appears to be the result of manipulating or exploiting natural systems, simply because that’s not Love.

Tapping into this “extra-sensory” perception, we can easily see Love as it expresses itself through art, government, medicine, and healing arts, philosophy and obviously in all our personal relationships with family, friends, pets…and even with complete strangers. Everything thrives within this field and suffers outside of it.

Playing in the Love Field

Why is it so important to recognize Love as a field that we can engage with, and to follow that positive underlying power, flowing under, around and through everything? Because this world of ours presents us with a very complex set of problems that won’t be easily reconstructed or repaired without seeing how and where to start. At these critical moments, when we’re asking for direction, The Field of Love is constantly showing us the proper paths to follow.

Follow those outward forms and intuitive inspirations – the evidence created by Love in all your choices: In where you live and go, in what you eat and wear, in the art and entertainment you take in, and in who you ally yourself with (how you vote) and in how you behave. Open your heart to the perception of Love as a positive, extra-dimensional power and simplify your life around this most comforting ethos – and where there is a lack of Love in the forms around you, supply it yourself, or better yet, ask for help supplying it.

There’s obviously the wonderful gift of “being in love,” while surrounding and animating your entire life and in the life of our entire world, remember, the real power of “Love in Being.”

Couples Meditation For A More Intimate Bond With Your Partner

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We already know meditation has positive impacts on our individual stress levels, attention span, our ability to feel compassion, mental health, mindfulness, and our physical bodies. But by practicing mindful meditation on a regular basis with your significant other, you’ll also be able to reap those benefits in regards to your relationship. This practice is popular as a conflict-resolution method and for identifying toxic factors in your relationship. It allows couples to explore new ways to solve problems, create communication guidelines, and make reasonable compromises.

However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be practiced only during tough times. Meditation works to forge new paths of communication to establish a team allegiance, or strengthen the one you’ve already established. By adding it to your routine, you will be reminded of the bigger picture, feel more level-headed, and form a more spiritual connection with your partner.

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