Free Energy: Connect With Raw Power Sources


I wake each day with the rising sun. This is a new gift but one that’s recharged my reality in every possible way. When I began sun gazing, it was at the gentle nudge of my guides—no protocol, no rules, just an invitation.

I found quickly that the sun is a portal to potent energy of the ancients. I’ve connected with deities and ascended masters, healed my organs, and ushered in manifestations quickly. Why isn’t everyone in connection with this raw source of power?

And beyond the inherent gifts of the sun, what other free energies are available to us in plain view?

“Free energy” is vast terminology. Rather than being ambitious enough to cover all its bases, I’m focusing on the free energies available to us as humans; those sources from the natural world used to heal, nurture and provide.

Solar Power

Much of the sacred imagery of the Egyptians depicts the rays of the sun: the pyramids, the Pharaoh’s beard, and the royal apron known as the Shendyt. Each item illustrates the rays of the sun falling upon the earth, signifying mastery over the solar energy teachings on life and resurrection.

The sun carries such lasting significance because it’s the force of life on this planet providing food, warmth and illumination—there would be no life on this planet without the sun. However, its reverence throughout the most enduring cultures suggests something far greater than its obvious attributes.

Sun Gazing

In recent years, solar energy as a source of personal power has been reclaimed and its teachings are readily available to anyone willing to dedicate time each day.

Sun gazing is the practice of staring at the sun for prescribed amounts of time. In engaging in this devotion, we find the sun acts as a nutrient for health and well-being, nourishing the glandular system and enhancing all facets of human life. Depression lessens, appetite decreases, and faith in the world attracts more bountiful synchronicities.

Major traditions and lineages—Tibetan, Mayan, Egyptian, Qigong masters and yogis — have heralded the benefits of sun gazing and include this practice as a tenet for mastery.

Don’t Look at the Sun

Upon embarking in sun gazing, my daughter was immediately concerned, “Mommy, you’re not supposed to look at the sun. It’ll burn your eyes.” Even at eight, this knowledge is somehow in her head.

But does it really?, I wondered, or is it just a ruse to keep us from this potent source of free energy? Conspiracy theories abound.

I’m undecided but prefer to remain conservative as I really like my eyes and their current functions. So, I tend my routines toward sunrise and sunset when the sun is closer to Earth. If my eyes begin to water or burn, I stop. Simple, right?

There is a growing movement of people shying away from sunscreen, theorizing it does more harm than good, preferring instead to absorb the beneficial rays of the sun to boost vitamin D and enhance serotonin.

As with all things, be discerning; you know yourself best and take precautions to protect your sweet life.

Benefits of Sun Gazing

In addition to its energetic boost, sun gazing is said to:

  • Activate the third eye for enhanced telepathy and clairvoyance
  • Heal the body naturally
  • Relieve depression and tension
  • Decrease appetite
  • Aid in manifestations
  • Prolong life

In my short time communing with the sun, I can personally attest to all of these. I’ll add that my spiritual practices have deepened. I’ve had contact with gods, seen the sun as a portal to other dimensions, and can unquestionably feel a difference in my mood.

The trickiest part is actually getting up! Here in Colorado, a barefoot trip outside when it’s snowing is a bit off-putting. Regardless of how cozy my bed may be, the sweet lure from the sun is usually enough to rouse me. Lately, I find I’m waking before sunrise without an alarm.

Sun Gazing Protocol

There are firmly outlined procedures for sun gazing. HRM suggests: Stand barefoot on the earth and stare for 10 seconds a day, and increase your dose daily. However, in the movie Eat the Sun, sun gazers experience notable corneal damage.

Regardless, my curiosity was piqued to explore other spaces where free energy is available—and less utilized.


Beyond the morning sunrise, the greatest source of free energy is now. Not in the past or the future, but if we harness the power of the present moment we would immediately seize our power as co-creators.

The past and future are concepts that move us away from harmony and disempower us. If we have regrets, we will be knocked out of the gift of this present moment. What has been largely taught is that now is the only thing that matters, for it’s only in this moment where we can attain peace, union and ecstasy.

Such is the power of now that famed teacher Eckhart Tolle wrote a book about it. Various meditative practices require that you only be present in this moment, providing a boost of energy and eliminating stress and anxiety.


Our breath is the key of life. The graduates of the Egyptian mystery schools became SaHu, or masters of breath. When one could learn to harness this source of free energy, they were able to heal themselves, achieve advanced metaphysical feats, and even attain immortality.

The word for breath is the same as it is for spirit. To inspire, expire, aspire…all are giving spirit and life to humanity.

Breathwork has been used to:

  • Increase vigor
  • Connect with the divine
  • Expand consciousness
  • Prolong life
  • Re-energize cells
  • De-stress

While Vinyasa yoga and qigong will also atoll the virtues of precise breath for meditation and spiritual practice, it’s also a simple enough tool to practice mindfully on my own.

An hour weekly can bring me to blissful, ecstatic states and release tensions in my spiritual and physical bodies. While I may not yet harness the focus of the masters, breath is my most available source of free energy.


I’m a barefoot gal from the South, so my cherished outdoor time is directly linked to my state of mind. A stroll through the woods, a walk by the water, or simply sitting in the stillness of nature are spaces available to all of us.

It’s no secret that present reality disconnects us from the natural world. The practice of Earthing suggests that walking barefoot will help us relieve tension and improve health through physical contact with the earth. Proponents report the reduction of pain, better sleep, and lower blood pressure, among other blessings. Technology now offers us the benefits indoors, as well—Earthing mats and kits are available to keep us grounded!

More than soothing, I find time in nature to be rejuvenating, reminding me of the world’s natural speed and rhythm. Nothing is instantaneous, the universe offers all in perfect timing, and I don’t need to rush. I reset from the hectic pace of my tech-induced world and am invited to slow down, to observe, to trust and to feel the radiant love and protection of the universe around us.

Plant Spirits

As I sat with a cottonwood tree the other day, I marveled at his patience. All he has seen and the calm with which he observes the world. For a tree, nothing is fast; life is a melodious unfolding of magnificence and nothing is rushed.

Plants are the unheralded allies of humanity. While many people love their pets, for me, it’s the unparalleled love of the plant kingdoms which ignites my heart. The glory of a flower, the majesty of a tree, the bounty of edible weeds all show the generosity of the flora with whom we share this planet.

The Backster Effect reminds us we are in constant telepathic communication with plants; the restorative blessings we receive from them are innumerable. Beyond a source of food, shelter and oxygen, plants can also be used in healing.

Plant spirit medicine is the use of plant spirits to treat the physical and spiritual ailments to ease human suffering. A beautiful modality, and completely free of harming or ingesting the plants, it’s calling upon the spirit of specific plants to offer a blessing to the client. Much in the same way a shaman cultivates relationships with power animals and other teachers, the shaman creates alliances with the plants who guide the healing. The gift of this medicine is beyond comparison at putting you in a direct, humanity-altering relationship with plants. Simply put, this is free energy at its finest.

If you can’t spare a moment to step outside and convene with nature, or there’s no nature to be found, online meditations can do in a pinch, offering a certain degree of peace.


Sound is the frequency of the universe and is our most direct pathway to change at the cellular level. I’m a lover of sound healing: using vibration to affect the physical, energetic and spiritual states. The healing use of sound is ancient (think chanting and singing bowlswhile modern-day practitioners are still utilizing sound through tuning forks, binaural beats and gong baths.

Torus Fields

I first stumbled on the teachings of Slim Spurling by accident. A renegade soul—a rancher and a budding blacksmith—his experiments led to some curiously calibrated tools that affect energy and even alter the weather.

What he was exploring was the idea of torus fields — naturally moving energy to create states of well-being in people, plants and animals. Torus fields are naturally occurring, but contemporary living has interrupted their free flow. Drunvalo Melchizedek was a friend and supporter of Slim’s and calls his technology the Lemurian Harmonizing Tools.

I rely on these both in my healing practice and in my personal well-being. Traveling with them eradicates jet lag, calms tensions and ensures the continued flow of positive energies. I have the rings positioned throughout my home and office to maintain higher vibrational states that support my work.

Free Energy is Our Birthright

Free energy is our birthright, both as inhabitants of Earth and as co-creators supporting the evolution of Gaia. Too much reliance is placed upon resources outside of ourselves. A gentle revolution is occurring which will sustain life on this planet and heralds a new dawn for humanity. You can begin these shifts immediately and share in the invitation toward the New Earth.

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A 12-Year-Old Boy is Youngest Person to Achieve Nuclear Fusion

Jackson Oswalt has become the youngest person to achieve nuclear fusion at the age of 12 years old. Through trial and error, and $10,000 of equipment purchased on the internet, Oswalt built a homemade nuclear fusion reactor in his room, baffling his parents and members of the scientific community.

Though now age 14, experiments Oswalt conducted two years ago were verified by the internet hobbyist group, Open Source Fusor Research Consortium (OSFRC). He beat out the previous record holder, Taylor Wilson, who performed the feat at age 14.

“The start of the process was just learning about what other people had done with their fusion reactors,” Jackson said in an interview with Fox News. “After that, I assembled a list of parts I needed. I got those parts off eBay primarily and then oftentimes the parts that I managed to scrounge off of eBay weren’t exactly what I needed. So, I’d have to modify them to be able to do what I needed to do for my project.”

Hailing from Memphis, Tenn., Oswalt said he decided he didn’t want to waste his time on video games or other typical adolescent activities, instead finding himself enamored with science and, more specifically, nuclear physics.

After reading about his predecessor, Oswalt decided he could beat Wilson’s record and began researching the gear he would need to build a high-volt, atom smashing, plasma reactor in his bedroom.

Jackson Oswalt youngest to achieve nuclear fusion

Jackson Oswalt next to his nuclear fusion reactor via


Combing through the OSFRC’s online forums and working under the supervision of his dad, Oswalt built a 50,000 volt reactor in about a year, achieving the desired results of his experiment just hours before his 13th birthday.

Nuclear fusion is the same reaction that powers our sun and other stars, but on a much larger scale. In theory, a successful nuclear reactor could provide clean, unlimited energy to the world eliminating our reliance on finite fossil fuels that pollute the planet. Some believe this technology has already been realized and suppressed at the behest of corporate interests in oil and gas.

If a 12-year-old kid can create a nuclear fusion reactor in his room, why can’t the most advanced energy facilities in the world create one on a larger scale?

The trick to achieving successful fusion is to build a reactor that outputs more energy than is put in, and scientists at MIT have come close to building such a mechanism. In 2016, the university’s Alcator C-Mod tokamak reactor achieved a 16 percent increase from a 2005 record when it reached a temperature of 35 million Celsius for a period of two seconds. Though conveniently, funding for the reactor from the US Department of Energy ended the following day, despite their success.

More recently, scientists have begun to construct a larger tokamak reactor, which uses a toroidal apparatus to produce fusion in plasma, in southern France. This reactor will be 800 times the size of MIT’s Alcator C-mod reactor, but won’t be complete for another 15 to 20 years.

And while several other private firms are working on similar tokamak reactors of their own, its surprising there isn’t more government investment in this technology when it portends a future of clean limitless energy.

Is this because it’s actively being suppressed?


For more on suppressed technology check out Disclosure with Dr. Steven Greer: 

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