The Pre-Adamites: Did Humans Inhabit Earth Before Adam and Eve?

Scenes of christian mythology carved in stone, India

The timeline of human existence has captured the attention of philosophers, scientists, and ordinary, curious people throughout the ages. Of course, there is the famous tale of Adam and Eve, but were they truly the first humans to walk the Earth? There is a growing body of research that suggests modern humans were not the first intelligent beings to live on our planet.

Did Pre-Adamites Exist?

There are groups from all belief systems — Christians, conspiracy theorists, alien researchers, evolutionists, and more — who believe pre-Adamites (humans or intelligent beings that walked the Earth before Adam) actually existed.

The idea of the possibility of a pre-Adamite civilization and discussion about the origin of the human race is not a new one. Debates on the topic have been taking place since 170 AD. Over the years, many theories swirled about, enticing logical and romantic thinkers alike to explore further, look deeper, and question what they had been taught.

The Christian Debate

A growing number of Christians and people of other faiths believe modern-day humans were not the first — and possibly are not the last.

The Bible has clear passages about events that have taken place and that will take place at some point, stating human existence operates on a 7,000-year cycle. Based on scripture now, the Earth is only a little over 6,000 years old. However, a great deal of scientific evidence indicates it is much, much older.

The Bible does not specifically state Adam was the first man ever to walk the Earth. There are too many gaps in the information contained in that chapter to get a clear picture.

Consider the account of Noah and the Great Flood. All humans were wiped out, except for Noah and his family. It’s quite possible a new Adam and Eve were born out of this catastrophe, starting the cycle anew. Therefore, it’s not entirely irrational to have doubts over whether or not Adam and Eve were truly the first humans on Earth.

In the book of Genesis, we read the Earth was without form and void — as if it had experienced a great catastrophe. We know from scripture that water already covered the Earth, and scientists are now finding, under the great bodies of water of the world, evidence of entire civilizations. These findings raise more questions than answers. How do we mesh science with scripture? Is it possible?

Many events documented in the biblical texts seem to be supported by science. Can these two seemingly oppositional systems coexist and come together to give us a more complete picture of where we came from?

Consider that the original biblical texts have been translated repeatedly. The version we use today has only been around since the 1600s, and the Catholic church uses a heavy hand in changing the scripture and the structure of the book itself. If you stop and think about it, perhaps we’ve lost something in all the edits and translations. Maybe we don’t have the whole story.

Keep in mind, there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

The Scientific Debate

Traditionally, science and religion are diametrically opposed, with religion calling for faith and science calling for fact. However, scientific findings in recent years seem to be closing that gap.

Scientists present evidence that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth. Christians open their Bibles to the book of Job to read about what appears to be dinosaurs coexisting with humans. More recently found civilizations and objects defy all scientific and biblical teaching.

Throughout the world, ancient cities are being discovered; not on mountaintops or in forests, but under the ocean. These include:

  • Port Royal, Jamaica
  • Lion City of Quiandao Lake, China
  • Nero’s sunken city
  • Cleopatra’s Palace in Alexandria, Egypt, and Thonis-Heracleion in Egypt
  • Sunken city of Cuba
  • Dwarka, India
  • Yonaguni Monument, Japan


What are these ancient underwater cities? Are they evidence of a pre-Adamite civilization? Many of them have elaborate structures and display a level of technology scientists say was not possible at the time they would have been in use. Could carbon dating and other methods scientists use to date materials really be that far off? That’s not just a decade or two but a multi-billion-year error. Scientists believe they have definitive evidence or are at least very close, to support their timelines.

Some scientists believe they have found evidence of the inhabitants of some of these civilizations. A flash frozen civilization in Antarctica is of particular interest. The skeletons looked vaguely human except for the elongated skulls. Who were they? What were they? Scientists speculate an ancient race that has long since died out.

Conspiracy theorists, on the other hand, believe they are an alien race that came here to escape their dying planet. They set up their civilizations and “seeded” the Earth. That is what we humans are.

Everyone has a story, a theory about what took place. The truth is, there are very strange things on this planet that cannot be explained by our current understanding of history, science, technology, and culture. What do we do? We press on. We continue to explore. We keep our minds open and keep searching for the truth.

Regardless of our belief systems, nothing can be learned by blindly walking through life ignoring what does not fit in the history books. Skeptics must acknowledge these ancient civilizations are real, and they were left here for a reason. Why weren’t they destroyed? Is this part of an elaborate puzzle, a higher test to separate the wheat from the chaff?

As for the scientists, are they doing all they can? Is science truly utilizing all available resources to explore these civilizations and search for clues that would change the way we view society and the world? The fact that these structures and entire cities were left behind and buried, only for us to find them so many years later, suggests intent.

When you are deciding what to believe, the greatest tool that can be sharpened and utilized is your critical thinking.

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Who Are the Knights Templar?

One of the most enduring historical topics, one filled with mystery, drama, abuses of power and outright betrayal, is that of the Knights Templar, the guardians of King Solomon’s Temple and the champions of Christianity in Jerusalem. Chances are, you’ve seen the Templars portrayed in cinema, read about them in novels, or have followed them down alternative historical avenues. Nothing fiction can provide can come close to the truth of what started as a group of nine Knights and ended with one of the most powerful financial and military organizations ever created.

It has been implied through historical speculation, as well as dramatic fiction, that the Knights Templar protected great secrets, too dangerous for the public to discover, as they could disrupt the faith and stability of the Catholic Church, as well as every other religion that relies upon the story of Jesus Christ, as presented in the Bible.

Their connection with the Holy Grail has been implied time and time again, and the belief that they may have known of the offspring of Jesus is a popular theory that has been speculated upon for much longer than most people realize. For those with an interest in Tarot, spend some time with The Chariot card, from the Aleister Crowley Thoth deck. You will discover the theory of the blood lineage of Jesus present in that card if you are willing to look deeply enough.

Who Were the Knights Templar?

We all know that the Middle East is a source of tension, territorial disputes, and war. This fact is nothing new. The Crusades were fought in an effort to recover Jerusalem from the Muslim conquerors of that city. Jerusalem has such importance because it is a sacred focal point for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

It was believed that the ability to occupy Jerusalem and control it, was an indication of the divine right to rule and was coveted by both the East and the West. The Crusaders regained control of Jerusalem in 1099. The control of the city was extremely complicated and it was necessary that there be a military force engaged for policing, protective detail, guarding and other duties.

Hugues de Payens, a French knight and nobleman, became the first Grand Master of the Knights Templar. The group initially consisted of nine Knights, supported by a basic staff. Eventually, they would number in the thousands.

Why Were They Called the Knights Templar?

Their name was taken from the fact that they believed that they were camped in what used to be a part of King Solomon’s Temple, specifically the stables, which suited them just fine. Their name as known to us, Knights Templar, simply means the Knights of The Temple. A more correct name for the Knights would be, “Poor Comrades (Soldiers) Of Christ And Solomon’s Temple.”

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