Were The Great Pyramids Once Used to Transmit Energy?

Were The Great Pyramids Once Used to Transmit Energy?

For thousands of years, the Great Pyramids have stood as hallmarks of ingenuity, royalty, and engineering. Their very nature suggests they were designed and built by a people with superior intelligence and access to advanced tools and skills.

But perhaps there is more to these supposed massive burial chambers for Egyptian kings that still lie shrouded in mystery — where are the capstones? Even the one-dollar bill displays the missing gold-crusted point of the pyramid.

Some have even begun to suggest that the pyramids were originally intended to be giant machines, capable of producing and transmitting electromagnetic frequencies. The internal construction of the Great Pyramid resembles a power plant, and no mummy has ever been found inside the pyramid. Is this merely a coincidence, or is it possible that the pyramids weren’t burial chambers but rather energy transmitters?

Even Tesla himself wondered this, and some of the ongoing research for energy-emitting pyramids is based on his own research and development. Questions as to what the pyramids are for, why they were built, and even why they all seem to be missing their last piece have been haunting great minds for centuries, and like any great mystery, the answers seem ever-evasive.

Missing Capstones

As far back as documented early history, even the Great Pyramid has been missing its capstone. These finishing pieces are purported to have been coated in gold, but no one is able to figure out why they have been missing for so long. The Ancient Egyptians surely would have completed their beautiful monstrosities, especially when it involved the capabilities of transmitting energy.

The Egyptian government planned to ‘re-cap’ the Great Pyramid as part of a celebration to usher in the new Millennium, but on December 16th, 1999, the plan was canceled. Technical support proved that lowering the new 30-foot cap onto the pyramid by helicopter would not cause any damage, but the officials stated they were concerned by the potential for acts of terrorism. However, others wondered if the Egyptian government secretly feared re-activating the cosmic powers of the pyramid and either raising the vibrations of all life on Earth, or awakening some electromagnetic force.

Shifts in Energy

Many accounts from those who have made the arduous climb to the top of the Great Pyramid involve minuscule yet noticeable shifts in energy, prickling sensations in body extremities, and even cases of electric shock.

Climbing to the top of the Great Pyramid is now illegal, but in the late 1800s a British inventor named Sir William Siemens made it to the flat, settled top of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Upon reaching the summit, one of his guides remarked that when he raised his hand with his fingers spread, his ears picked up a shrill ringing noise. Siemens then raised a forefinger, and felt a prickling sensation emanating from the tip and spreading through his hand. Not long after, the inventor went to quench his thirst with a celebratory sip of wine, and received an electric shock from his lips touching the bottle.

Siemens thought that these curious occurrences were more than just coincidence, so he moistened a piece of newspaper to wrap around his bottle of wine to create a makeshift Leyden jar. When he held this primitive capacitor over his head, sparks of electricity crackled and flew through the air.

One of the guides became unnerved and attempted to seize the bottle. Siemens, either to avoid his experiment being interrupted or in an attempt in self-defense, pointed the bottle at the agitated man, who was thrown backwards onto the ground and knocked unconscious from the ensuing current.

Other curious people and scientists have mocked up small-scale models of the pyramids, and discovered that food or razor blades stored within either remained fresh or supremely sharp for periods of time past the usual amount.

But how is this possible? From what scientists and other studies have shown, even the natural structure of the pyramid lends itself well to theories of energetic transmission. Based on 1/14400 ratio, the foundational dimensions of a pyramid appear to harmonically integrate with the earth, which means that around the time of the pyramid’s construction humans had a pretty good idea of Earth’s size. They built it along the desired latitude within an error margin of only a few feet. From what we can tell, the Great Pyramid was built at the exact center of the land mass of the Earth, and its four corners align with the cardinal compass points, facing true North, and making it the most accurately aligned structure ever built, with only 3/16 error margin.

How these precise measurements and details can be happy accidents is still widely disputed. According to theory, the construction and design of the pyramid creates an internal 3D field of harmonic vibrations, and provides space to allow the energies to mingle within. The apex of the pyramid creates a “spin field” within its center, and once energy has entered, it careens off the five identical angles and is projected in a beam towards the center where a pillar of the fused vibrations occurs.

In addition to the design, the standard materials used to build the pyramids lend themselves to suggest something more than accident — the rose granite interior is very paramagnetic, and the outer layer of limestone has diamagnetic properties, providing the perfect atmosphere for energy and wave transmission.

Fire in the Middle

The name “pyramid” suggests hidden capabilities, as it translates very literally to mean “fire in the middle.” This allegation has inspired many people to test the theories of the Great Pyramids, and the genius inventor Tesla was no exception.

Tesla was certain that he could recreate this process and capture energy he believed to be lodged deep in Earth and transmit it all over the globe. He was fairly certain that the Earth itself was a large capacitor, holding endless volts of electricity that he believed he could provide to anyone in the world for an endless amount of time. He set up shop in 1899 in Colorado Springs near Pike’s Peak to carry out his research. This particular site was chosen carefully: being near enough to Colorado Springs to give access to plenty of electricity and also because the air at this altitude was dry and held more magnetic force.

Tesla also reveled in the amount of thunderstorms that passed through, and was curious to see if lightning did indeed “charge” the earth every time it struck. We now know that lightning also travels from the ground up, so it is possible that Tesla wasn’t far off in his theories. The first prototype he built, the Wardenclyffe Tower, was basically a large octagonally-shaped capacitor, with a gold domed capstone that discharged any build-up or excess energy. Its iron foundation reached 300 feet into the ground. Because of the high magnetic density of the area Tesla selected to research, the electric field’s voltage increased by 100 V per meter, and he wanted his tower as high as possible to achieve maximum voltage.

This massive structure was intended to fling raw energy skyward that would then be captured by homes around the globe, simply outfitted with a buried ground connection and a small antenna affixed to their roofs. Ships at sea could also theoretically tap into this widespread energy source with similar antennas, and in addition to electricity, there was the possibility that the energy could also carry and transmit radio-frequency information, much like high-speed internet today.

Tesla’s tower was run through many encouraging experiments, but unfortunately, the construction of his laboratory, the tower itself, and the cost of the experiments had largely dented even his personal savings. The original investment fund was already depleted and the chronic lack of funding was made even worse with the stock market crash in 1901. On top of all this, Tesla lost his biggest backer: JP Morgan. Abruptly, Tesla was forced to give up the project and return home to the East Coast in 1905, as it was very clear that no more investments would be coming in.

We can only wonder that if he’d been able to continue with this experiment, perhaps Tesla would have dramatically changed the course of the world. With his theories based on the structure of the ancient pyramids, it is clear that he grasped some sort of understanding, whether he could properly express the ideas or not. Though he kept meticulous journals about the Pike’s Peak experiments, the outcomes and technical details were extremely vague, and he died with most of the information locked in his photographic memory.

A few modern calculations suggest that Tesla’s original goal of “wireless electricity” weren’t completely impossible, and it’s easy to wonder what would have happened had the Wardenclyffe Tower project been able to continue uninterrupted.

Were the “energy pyramids” created to conduct energy or alter frequencies over large areas of land? There still remain a lot of unanswered questions regarding the many theories as to how they would have achieved this process, but even the shape of the pyramid itself leads some to believe that pyramid “power plants” were and are possible.

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