Where Did Humans Come From?

By: Gaia Staff  |  September 30, 2017

Theories abound as to how humans came to be on this planet.

Evolutionists make a sound argument, stating that we evolved from primates over an extensive time period. Creationists believe we were created in our present form by a higher power.

While evolution and creationism are arguably the two most widespread theories of how human beings were created, there are several other theories to explore as well.

Are humans from another planet? Did extraterrestrials create us? Explore the following theories on the origin of humans to come to your own conclusion.

Humans are not from Earth

When compared to other species, human beings are extremely advanced and anomalous. From our communication abilities to our advanced intelligence, it’s safe to say we’re truly one of a kind.

There is much evidence to suggest humans are not suited for Earth’s environment. Dr. Ellis Silver explored this notion in-depth in his book Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence. Some of the most compelling evidence from Dr. Silver’s work includes:

  • Sunburn – If we were meant to live on Earth, then why are we so sensitive to the sun’s rays?
  • Back problems – Dr. Silver believes the reason back problems are so widespread is because we’re designed to live in a lower-gravity environment.
  • Disease – Our immune systems are surprisingly weak and seem ill-suited for the planet.
  • Childbirth – Humans experience extraordinary difficulty and pain when giving birth.


Panspermia, which translates to “seeds everywhere,” is a theory that life on Earth originated from microorganisms transported from space.

Proponents of this theory cite a time period in which the Earth endured a series of meteor showers, about 4 billion years ago. During this time, bacteria and other organisms were potentially transported from other celestial bodies to our planet.

This actually makes a lot of sense. There are plenty of bacteria and microbes found on Earth that can withstand extreme temperatures, similar to those found in outer space. Considering such evidence, it’s quite possible these organisms did indeed come from elsewhere to help shape our planet into what it is today.

Aliens created us

Zecharia Sitchin was a Russian-American author best known for his book, The 12th Planet. In this book, he argues that extraterrestrials, known as the Annunaki, genetically engineered humans to work as slaves to mine for gold.

According to Sitchin, the Annunaki came from a distant planet called Nibiru. Unlike the other planets in our solar system, Nibiru features an elongated oval orbit, allowing it to enter our solar system every 3,600 or so years. He estimates the Annunaki arrived on Earth about 450,000 years ago during such a phenomenon.

Aliens helped shape us into who we are today

Erich van Däniken authored the acclaimed book “Chariots of the Gods,”, which explores the idea that extraterrestrials are responsible for establishing many ancient civilizations on Earth.

He cites such examples as the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge as evidence of extraterrestrial influence on Earth, as well as ancient artifacts that resemble aliens, spacecraft, and astronauts. Humans at the time viewed these extraterrestrials as divine beings or gods, as cited in religious texts such as the Bible.

Did humans come from another planet?

From evolution to panspermia, there are many theories about the origins of mankind. Gregg Braden dives deep into this mystery in the Missing Links series, in which he argues we arrived on Earth thousands of years ago and have not changed since.

While there is much evidence to suggest we may have come from another planet, it’s best to keep an open mind and continue to explore this topic to form your own hypothesis.

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