George Green was raised in the cattle business, big business. Not to take no for an answer, he struck out into the world and became involved in housing development and endeavors as a money broker and securities underwriter. His life sounds almost bizarre in its fast paced chronology of events. In more recent times he has been warning people of what is to come, from stages around the world, lecturing alongside people like David Icke. In the end, he has some startling messages due to what he says, as having access to some of the most elite circles. Some of the information he covers here is part of our upcoming economic picture.

In this interview George discusses the financial and economic times ahead in 2007 and beyond. You may not agree with his outlook, but this is information that comes with more than a sprinkle of inside information, so it might be worth listening to be prepared.

Instructor/Host: Regina Meredith
Featuring: George Green
Video Language: English