Spirituality: Tune Into Gratitude
Biohacking with Dave Asprey

“I became famous… didn't make me happy. I became wealthy… didn't make me happy. When you build a body and a mind that is resilient, that has more energy than it ever did before, that has more than enough energy to just survive, you will naturally and inexorably be pulled into a spiritual direction.”

Dave Asprey believes the biohacking movement enables longevity not only in body and mind, but also in spirit. Raised without religion, his studies across the spectrum of global beliefs inform and adjust how he maps, or filters, reality. Asprey shares the automatic kindness and forgiveness practices that may reprogram mitochondrial networks impaired by trauma and reconfigure triggered parasympathetic responses. By tuning our spiritual antenna to gratitude, activating states of bliss and joy becomes a potential holistic healing strategy with possible reinforcement by biofeedback and meditation. Other techniques to access somatic states for spiritual reset include EMDR, holotropic breathing, and tantric sex. Asprey cautions against the casual use of psychedelics which may lead to spiritual bypassing.

Host: Dave Asprey
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, French, German, Spanish