Surrender Through Practice

Kevin Courtney
Yoga Every Day
S19:Ep20HathaLevel 1-233 mins

Underneath the mind, ego, and all the constructs of our psyche pulsates pure consciousness. The Yoga tradition calls this essential pure being ‘Ishvara.’

The practice of Ishvara Pranidhana (self-surrender) is to attune your awareness to this purity of presence in yourself and others. Perhaps the most refined version of the practice of Ishvara Pranidhana is to offer yourself up to the graceful and intelligent flow of divine consciousness that unites us all.

Join Kevin Courtney for this down-tempo practice that explores the subtlety of surrender using floor-based Yin postures, Feldenkrais hip release techniques, and moving meditation. Then notice what happens as you continue your day while looking through the eyes of Ishvara.

Kevin recommends skipping this practice if you have hypermobile joints. Move towards strength and stabilizing asanas instead.

Props: One blanket and an optional block

Instructor/Host: Kevin Courtney
Video Language: English