Work-out & Work-in

True well-being can only come through integrating body, mind, and spirit. With guest host, Ben Stewart, Paul Chek brings a unique holistic approach to corrective exercise, high-performance conditioning, and integrative lifestyle management. He encourages us to become consciously aware of our everyday movements. He calls it a “work-in,” where we turn ordinary actions, such as picking up a pencil, into exercise — by standing on one leg. Yet he has also effected nearly miraculous healings for some of the world’s top athletes after potentially career-ending injuries, as testified in a moving video chat with champion skateboarder Danny Way. Throughout, Paul demonstrates specific techniques and exercises, drawn from such traditions as qigong, to show us what we each can do to be our own best healer.

Host: Ben Stewart
Featuring: Paul Chek
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English