3 Ways to Create a New Money Reality

Money problems got you down? These days it can seem like there’s never enough, all of the good jobs are taken, or you’re working extremely hard but barely making ends meet.  

We’re taught to live life backwards— work for the appearance and not the experience. When what we truly crave is the experience of life. Below are three tips to help you create a new money reality.

1. Redefine Money

Money problems never happen to us. They occur as a result of limiting beliefs and the actions taken to manifest them. On a deeper level, we have made money into something it is not. Some believe they will be happy when they make X amount of dollars. Others don’t pursue their dreams because they aren’t sure how to finance them. Sound familiar?

Money is simply a tool. Not the key to happiness or the reason your dreams come true.

2. See Things For What They Are

Start by seeing material possessions for what they are—things. Society would have us believe that the latest and greatest “thing” has the power to make us happy. Acquiring things is just another way we manifest our egos. As spiritual beings, we seek energy and connection. Two things that are not tangible.

What’s the feeling you get when you think of driving a new car? Having the house of your dreams? This is the energetic vibration you desire. The car, the house, or the cash is simply a manifestation of how you want feel in your life.

3. Turn Loss into Lessons

If you give your past money mistakes power over your future, you’ll keep recreating them. Your mistakes are meant to support you, not hold you back. Make peace with your past by turning your money mistakes into rich foundation for your future. 

Chelsea Logan is a successful serial entrepreneur, clothing designer, and lifestyle coach. As a highly sought-after expert and media personality, she shares her experience and divinely inspired insight as to how to create a conscious, fulfilling, and dynamic life. She can be found online at:


Website: MoneyMenLife.com 

Twitter: @Chelseamlogan

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ashleys, posted on February 26, 2013

great article! thanks...

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