5 Easy Ways to Fit Yoga Into Your Day

Yoga can strengthen the body in a way that no other exercise can--it quiets the mind so that an individual can find peace by concentrating on their breathing. However, finding the time to fit yoga in to your busy schedule may seem like a challenge and the difficulty of creating a new habit and sticking with it may push you away from the idea. But practicing yoga every day for even 5 minutes in the comfort of home will do you a world of good. It will even free up more time in your day as the meditative benefits of yoga allow your mind to work more efficiently afterwards.

1. Don’t start too big. Begin with doing 5-10 minutes of yoga a day and build the time up weekly or monthly depending on how you feel.

2. Have a daily 'yoga time'. Decide when in the day your yoga session will be and schedule it in. You may prefer to practice yoga just after you wake up to start your day with a clear and focused head or you may prefer an evening session just before bed to calm you down and prepare you for sleep. Any time is suitable; just try to practice at the same time every day.

3. Eliminate distractions. Turn your phone to silent and practice yoga in a place away from others to ensure you will not be disturbed by anyone. If you try to make your ‘yoga time’ during an hour when your house is at its quietest, this will help!

4. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you when your daily yoga sessions are. It’s easy to forget to practice yoga when you get caught up in other tasks but an alarm will remind you that it’s yoga time.

5. Don’t try to overstretch yourself. Begin your first yoga sessions with a warm up and slowly move into 2 or 3 easy yoga poses. The key is to build up slowly, increasing the sessions weekly or monthly and incorporating more challenging poses gradually.

By practicing yoga every day it will become part of your routine and in no time you’ll achieve a peaceful mind and a stronger, fitter body. You’ll barely recognise the former stressed out you who could barely run up the stairs!


Amy Henderson enjoys writing content on general fitness, relaxation techniques and the uses of gym equipment. She practices both yoga and meditation every day and is hoping to share her experiences of the practices.

Website: Powerhouse Fitness UK

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