5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity


Creativity and art are part of human nature. They are part of what separates us from animals. Without creativity, there would be no new inventions, there would be no electricity, no water, and no Internet. Everything surrounding us in our physical environment is the result of creative human thinking. Whatever you can think of, somebody first had to have the concept. In his famous 1964 book ‘The Act of Creation’, author and polymath Arthur Koestler compared many different examples of invention and discovery. Koestler concluded there is a common thread in human creativity, which he called “bisociation” – a blending of ideas from previously unrelated lines of thought, into a whole new surprising and unexpected idea. According to Koestler, creativity can be practiced and developed, and even people who think they are not innovative or creative, can become so.

How can we hone our creative thinking skills?
**1. Enjoy. **Once you know how to do it, you too can come up with a new idea. Have a “creativity space” in your office or home. Maybe with scattered papers, colourful objects, crayons, markers, pens, etc. Hang a corkboard on the wall, where you can pin up odd newspaper clippings, magazines, photos, kids’ drawings, flirty messages. Try to pin up all kinds of things. Then rearrange them. This is your creative environment. Be innovative. You can attach stuff to the curtains, to the refrigerator, on your desktop – interesting magnets, mirrors, memos, beautiful art images, jokes, wisdom. You want this environment to be fun, to uplift your mood. Interrupt your work to laugh about something with colleagues, to juggle balls, or throw darts at the wall.

**2. Set your mind to being creative. **Take time for creative thinking. In pure mathematics, a problem will have one right solution, and mathematicians will throw all their energy and time into finding that one answer. In the real world though, there is usually more than one way to solve a problem. The best way to approach any problem requires some creativity; of course, some people will pooh-pooh this approach, or come up with totally silly ideas. With a little practice, and experience you can get better at coming up with new ideas. The new ideas are all around you; knowing that will make it much easier for you to think of them than if you were not sure whether there really is an answer.

Imagine if everyone believed that everything had already been invented! Would we have so much variety if people really believed that? Think about how we need to store more and more information. Would we still be stuck with floppy discs? Anything can be improved upon. The best story is not yet been written, the fastest possible cars do not exist. Medicine continues to evolve. Scientists continue to seek for answers to the thousands of questions that are still unanswered. There are always hundreds of solutions to a problem, and there is no reason why you couldn’t think of some of them.

**3. Go back to the child in you. **Consider what things give you real pleasure. Look at them from a new angle, as if you’ve never done them. You can look similarly at everyday problems from a different perspective. Look at them with fresh eyes, the way children do. As we get older and older, all that experience and learning makes our thinking rigid. Children are unencumbered by the weight of accumulated information that constricts adult thinking. We take the same route to work, cook the same meals from the same proven recipes, and complain that things are not going right, not realizing that the problem might actually be in the way we do things. Children see things with fresh eyes. Have you ever been surprised by a child, asking a perceptive question about a problem when you couldn’t think of anything new about it.

Go outside. Change the route to work. Use a different recipe for a familiar dish. Consider the problem backwards. “Put on foreign shoes”. Colour grass orange, paint the sky green, and turn the sun blue. Turn your ideas about everything upside down. Ask yourself how you would have thought as a six, eight or 12 year old child – about some of the world’s “unsolvable” problems. They see the world through rose-colored glasses. Maybe we should too.

**4. Unleash your curiosity. **Every new idea is based on previous knowledge. Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered the laws of gravity and motion in 1687 said, “If I have seen a little further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants, who came before me.” New ideas are not necessarily discoveries that nobody has thought of before. Usually they combine elements of already existing ideas. Curiosity is the collection of heterogeneous information – historical, geographical, philosophical, and scientific. It is curiosity that helps in the exploration of an object, a country, or even an idea. Albert Einstein said “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Ideas occur to people who are interested in everything. Then, when they need it, creativity will combine with the knowledge in their minds, and grow into something original. Gathering more information always helps. Get a notebook that you can take everywhere with you. Record in it everything you find interesting and important. Learn to combine ideas. Read professional journals, documentaries, diverse literature. Watch interesting T.V. The internet is rich too; use it to visit forums and social networks.

5. Record everything. Don’t let it gather dust. Review it regularly. Summarise everything that might be useful. Do not be afraid to experiment. Even the crazy ideas might be useful to you later on. Just ask and be creative!

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Circumstantial Beings – A Positive Force of the Human Life

Let me ask you this: How many different types of Beings exist in the Universe? What would you answer? Since I’ve given you something to think about, let me throw out another question (or idea) for you to give yourself a headache over: Circumstantial Beings and the Dimensions in which they reside.

At this point, you might be saying: What in the world are you talking about?

I am here to tell you that there are Beings that sit in what are called Circumstantial Dimensions in order to bring and afford you the opportunity to experience the circumstances in your life!

What? Let’s say you park your car in your driveway at home upon your return from work and you leave it parked there overnight. In the morning, when you go outside to get in your car to go back to work, your car won’t turn over – the battery is dead. No juice! So you wonder to yourself how could this be? You haven’t had a problem once with that battery, and there were absolutely no signs that it was going to go out.

Now, because of the circumstances around the fact that your car’s battery was dead, you also had to change your plans for that day. However, upon changing those plans, you were afforded the opportunity to experience something that you would’ve missed had you just gotten up that morning, gone out to your car and simply driven away.

The Circumstances You Need

Circumstantial Beings brought to you those circumstances that you were afforded to experience that day in your life.

Think about it. How many times does something like that happen and we get upset? We always tend to think of it as a coincidence, and most of the time we don’t really give any thought to things happening the way they do. Those unplanned instances we experience on an ongoing basis are caused by Circumstantial Beings that sit within the Circumstantial Dimensions that I’m describing.

Are You Paying Attention?

Sometimes in our daily lives, things seem to be strange or completely out of sorts, and we have no explanation for any of these things that just seem to happen. Could it be that Circumstantial Beings are affecting something in your life? Are your Circumstantial Beings trying to show you something?

Circumstantial Beings can also manipulate and play with colors and shapes due to the fact that every human’s circumstances are different. In other words, your colors and your shapes and your circumstances differ according to who you are. The fact of the matter is there are Beings in the Universe that dwell within the dimensions that deal with our circumstances. Circumstances that we put ourselves into and get ourselves out of throughout every day and every moment of our life.

There is a dimension of Beings that work very specifically in trying to set up the circumstances for requests that we, as humans, send out into the Universe. It’s a dimension of workers that the Universe directs in response to the vibrations you have sent out. This is all they do! They line up circumstances for human beings here on this earth. Yes, your own group of workers that work on circumstances made just for you. And again, they are doing this (on your behalf) at all times.

From the moment you get up in the morning and find your newspaper on your doorstep (take note that these Beings work hard to make sure that happens), to how you get to work every day, to whether your day goes smoothly, these beings are creating on your behalf. There will be other events that may also be put into place that may seem strange or coincidental, but remember, they really aren’t and are part of the alignment for the requests that we have put out to the Universe.

Recognizing the Circumstantial Beings

What is amazing is that there are more and more people on this earthly plane who are beginning to recognize these types of circumstances. As we continue to work on expanding our knowledge and understanding, we begin to see these Beings as we go throughout our day. At first it can be startling, but once you realize that there is no harm to be found, it is actually very peaceful and calming to know that the Beings are in one’s midst.

One should give way to the fear of it. It is always there, and it is that which is supposed to be there. Once again, just another Being that is in one of those dimensions that we as humans either are not aware of or seemingly take for granted. Circumstantial Beings will not communicate with you verbally. All they do is set up circumstances for you in your life. That is how they communicate.

In order to have communication with them you simply need to piece together the circumstances they have created for you.

When you look at a piece of artwork, does it speak to you? Does it make a statement to you? Are you drawn to this or that through this artwork? Those circumstances were set up for you in order to receive those feelings through that particular circumstance. Do you hear a song during the day that for some reason just seems to tear at your heartstrings or makes you feel a certain way? What (or who) do you think it was that made you feel that way? Once again, it is the Circumstantial Beings that have set this up so you can recognize it. What is it that you’ve recognized?

Become More Attune to Your Emotions

There are so many things in our lives that we take for granted, or things happen in our lives for which we don’t have an answer. Needless to say, these life events are the Circumstantial Beings hard at work, and these Beings are afforded to each of us. Once again, Circumstantial Beings communicate to you through sound, color, and movement, and whatever they do, they will stir an emotion within you—that is their communication process with you.

It helps to tune into your emotions in your heightened state of awareness. Dimensional Beings are in other areas of the Universe as well, and that is their way of communicating with one another. There is no language involved within the time and place they exist. There is only language on this earthly realm. So how else do you communicate with them?

Circumstantial Beings have been hidden throughout your existence. Once you become aware of who and what they are, then what they do and the tasks that they perform will heighten your awareness. Human beings, at points in their lives, have lacked the capacity to match the frequency that these Beings live and exist within. We have a hard time acknowledging them. But for highly tuned-in individuals, you can start to sense that these beings are there; once you start recognizing them, they will become more of the norm in your life.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to strange circumstances in your life. Those circumstances will afford you the opportunity to see and to experience many more marvelous opportunities. You will begin to recognize and see circumstances that happen that you may have been completely unaware of. Again, this is one of those awakening processes that an enlightened Being goes through in life.

How aware do you become of your life circumstances? How aware are you of the Circumstantial Beings that influence your life? Once you recognize them, and once they have become generous enough to show themselves to you, you need to acknowledge them and thank them for coming. Ask them to keep showing up and controlling the circumstances in your life.

These Circumstantial Beings are anxious to communicate with you, but they can’t do it without your permission.

Too many human beings are under the impression that a spiritual being will just come up and talk to them. Yes, this can happen, but that is only one type of Being. There are other Dimensional Beings that don’t speak. Again, they have other ways to communicate with us. Since humans are speaking beings (with language), we keep waiting for something to manifest itself to us. We often miss all the other communication that is out there! There are five other senses in the human body that we very seldom are even aware of, and those are the way these Circumstantial Beings are going to communicate with us. This is a better way of communication because it triggers emotion—the best way to convey a message.

Learn how to plug into your emotional state to recognize and see these Circumstantial Beings and what they can do for you in your daily life. Once you do, you will be amazed you were not aware of them before.

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