Archetypal Moon Energy; a Lunar Love Ritual

Archetypal Moon Energy; a Lunar Love Ritual

The moon cycles possess archetypal energies that offer women deeper insight into her own natural rhythms and how her divine flow guides her to have greater control over her mental and emotional well-being as well as harness the full potential of her creativity, strength, and nourishment. A woman who becomes consciously aware of her connection to the moon’s influence through her womb can begin to intentionally craft her life’s events in a way that will bring her the results she truly desires. Practice this Lunar Love Ritual to align with these archetypal energies and receive the full power of their guidance.

The 4 Archetypes of the Moon

It’s quite common for women to menstruate and ovulate in sync with the moon cycle. Since there is no evidence of women possessing greater or lesser health whether their menstrual cycles sync with the moon or not, please do not get too attached to these or allow them to mean something about your identity or worth as an individual. These are simply here to act as a framework to help guide you into an exploration of yourself.

A woman’s menstrual cycle is around the same length as the 28-day moon cycle, give or take a few days. There are two types of women depending on when they ovulate and menstruate – a white moon woman and a red moon woman. A white moon woman, which is the more common of the two types, will menstruate around the darkness of the new moon and ovulate with the full light of the full moon. A red moon woman will menstruate with the full light of the full moon and ovulate with the darkness of the new moon.

Depending on how our cycle aligns with the four moon phases – new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon – there are four archetypal energies that we can use as a guide to feel more in tune with our natural rhythms and those of the moon. Although the new moon is the start of a new cycle, for the purpose and ease of learning here, we will start with the virgin phase which corresponds to the waxing moon.

The Virgin or Maiden Phase

After the darkness of the new moon, outshines a sliver of fresh new light. Welcome the virgin phase. She is a strong and playful delight. Her fresh new energy feels quick and sharp. Where the seeds of intention were embedded in the new moon’s dark soil, now begins the process of growth.

How to use this energy

This renewed sense of lightness comes post-menstruation when your body has released the blood and the egg and is now in its most lean and agile state. It’s a great time to commit to short-term projects, new routines or workouts, or even start a cleanse.  The playful and curious virgin is also strong and she has the capacity to take on more physical activity. This can translate into the bedroom as well. You may feel more open to trying new things and even take on more of a leading role. Be aware that some people might actually feel a little intimidated by this more masculine energy the virgin exudes.

Take caution as to not get ahead of yourself with this newfound inspiration to take on the world and achieve more. Be sure that you are not over-committing or over-promising on events in the future where your energy may not feel as up to the task as it does in the virgin phase.

Colors to consider

White or light-colored clothing can support this virgin energy.

The Mother Phase

As the full moon shines the fullness of her light, we arrive in the mother phase. With this fullness, comes the fullness of her love. Whereas the virgin’s outward energy is directed at her personal growth, the mother feels grounded in who she is and desires to be in service and support of others. The mother is comfortable in her sensual nature and unafraid to fully offer this part of herself to her partner.

How to use this energy

This is typically during a woman’s ovulation phase so her ability to bring to life what she has been creating is at its peak. This is a great time to host guests, lead workshops, or present final projects. However, the mother has the tendency to be so outward with her energy, she can neglect to tend to her own needs. Share your energy and your love, but remember to receive your energy and your love as well or you will be left feeling burnt out and underappreciated.

Colors to consider

Earth tones such as greens and browns may support you during the mother phase. You can also play with wearing more natural fibers and floral patterns.

The Enchantress Phase

Now the moon’s light begins to revolve towards the darkness during the moon’s waning phase. The enchantress phase is typically associated with the pre-menstrual phase. Here begins the process of withdrawal and the destruction that will come into full form in the next phase, the wise woman phase.

How to use this energy

The enchantress is intuitive and inquisitive, and she represents all the most mystical parts of Self. She is the evolved woman who has lived through experiences that moved her beyond her attachment to the material and into a deeper awareness of her internal worth and wisdom. Set aside time to begin creating sacred space for you to turn inward. You may feel called to spend more time with your tarot cards and crystals, connecting with the more mystical aspects of you.

See this as the transitional phase from outward energy to inward energy. Like a wave returning back out to sea to regather its energy, begin to pull back from outward activities, although you may still have the energetic capacity for some of it. Be sure to eat and consume in a way that feels intuitive without being too restrictive or over-indulgent.

Colors to consider

Blues, purples, and reds might be the colors you choose to adorn yourself with now to align with the enchantress within.

The Wise Woman Phase

The light has now returned back to the darkness of the new moon. It is important not to mistake the term darkness as something negative. The darkness is where space is created for the full potential of life to be birthed. The wise woman phase, typically associated with the menstrual phase, is a really important phase that, for some women, is easily neglected because it asks you to really slow down, be still, and honor your time for self-care. Knowing this phase is coming, you can plan ahead to not have guests over or schedule outings that will require a lot of outward energy from you.

How to use this energy

You might experience vivid dreams or, if honored properly, plant the seeds of visionary ideas to be nurtured into physical manifestation during the virgin and mother phases that follow. Be careful to not over-eat or over-drink or consume media that will negatively impact your consciousness, as to not miss your opportunity for connecting fully to your intuition. And perhaps most importantly, don’t forget to celebrate. Celebrate what worked well and what you did well in the last cycle. Journal and identify all that which you choose to leave behind and that which you want to either carry with you or create anew in this next cycle.

Throughout the month, make it a point to go outside and look up at the moon, observe her positioning and see her beauty in darkness and in light, and receive the wisdom she is pouring down and over you. Below is a ritual you can practice for connecting with the moon and to feel her divine energy running through you. This practice can be done at any time throughout the month to receive the fullness of the present archetypal energy.

Colors to consider

Red and black are colors that will support your wise woman at this time of bleeding.

Lunar Love Ritual

  • Fill a cup or a bowl with your choice of drinking liquid such as tea or water. You may also use your bare hands in the shape of the lotus mudra.
  • Standing under the moonlight, hold your cup or your hands in front of your heart.
  • Receive the moon’s energy, feel her love pouring down through your crown and into your heart and all through your body.
  • Ask the moon to show herself to you, through you. Ask her to illuminate the parts of self that desire to be seen and loved. Ask her to guide you deeper into your own Virgin, Mother, Enchantress, or Wise Woman.
  • Feel her energy pouring down into you and filling your cup or hands in front of your heart, infusing it with her love.
  • Now, hold the cup to your lips and drink this elixir of love with blessed intention, feel it being absorbed through your whole being.
  • Sit in the sensation of this love and thank the moon for her presence. Thank yourself for choosing to be on this path and for giving yourself this time to receive and become. Blessed be.

Why Does Your Mala Necklace Have 108 Beads?

Why Does Your Mala Necklace Have 108 Beads?

From the yoga studio to a night on the town, people are donning mala bead necklaces around the globe. However, this trend is steeped in meaningful tradition and symbolism. Each mala necklace has 108 beads, and each bead evokes an energetic frequency based on its material, whether stone or seed.

What is the Significance of 108?

The number 108 has a range of significance across many different cultures and disciplines. For example, this number informs the architecture of sacred texts that are central to yoga and eastern philosophy. As a devoted scholar of yoga and tantra, Shiva Rea explains in Tending the Heart Fire, “there are 108 chapters of the Rig Veda, 108 Upanishads and 108 primary Tantras.” And these texts are written in Sanskrit, a language comprising 54 letters, each with a masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) form, 54 x 2 = 108. Listed below are just a few of the many relationships that carry this number.

Ayurveda and Other Religions

In in the field of Ayurveda, there are 108 sacred places, or marmas, in the body, identifying intersections of matter and consciousness. When manipulated, these points can awaken and align the vital energy. Members of the Vedic tradition see this number as denoting the wholeness of the universe: one represents the solar masculine, zero represents the lunar feminine and eight represents the infinite nature of all things. In the classic japa mala, used in Buddhism and Hinduism, there are 108 beads used for prayer and mantra.

Mathematics and Astronomy

Mathematicians favor the number 108 for its countless patterns and potential divisions. For example, it is divisible by the sum of its parts and most of its proper divisors, making it a semi-perfect number. Through the lens of astronomy, the diameter of the sun is approximately 108 times that of earth and the distance from our planet to its solar star is, on average, 108 times the diameter of the sun. A similar parallel relationship also exists between the earth and the moon.

What is a Mala?

A mala, meaning garland in Sanskrit, evokes a circular, continuous form. In practice, a mala is the devoted offering of repeated cycles (typically in divisors of 108) of mantra japa or yoga asana. Within a mala, there is always a sense of beginning, continuing and completion. Both inside each individual cycle and in the practice as a whole. This three-form (trimurti) quality allows us to embody, in practice, the rhythmic cycles ever-present in the natural universe: creation (srishti), sustaining (sthiti) and destruction (samhara).

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