GMO Corporation Monsanto Wins Major Legislative Victory


By Rachel Grussi

In case you haven’t heard, it’s a sad day for environmentalists, health activists, and heck, possibly even the entire country of America. Except for Monsanto Corporation, of course.

President Barack Obama signed “The Monsanto Protection Act” last week, a bill essentially both written by and benefiting Monsanto Corporation. The infamous company will benefit greatly and directly from the bill, as it essentially gives companies that deal with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) seeds immunity to the federal courts, among other things.

It’s the law now that even if future research shows that GMOs or GE seeds cause significant health problems, cancer, and so on, that the federal courts no longer have any power to stop their spread, use, or sales.

But wait, you might say. We haven’t proven, per say, the effects of GMOs one way or another on humans or animals (though the research already done is terrifying enough). It doesn’t matter according to this new bill. Even if we discover something in the future, the federal courts can’t do a single thing about it in punishment of GMO companies or protection of the American people. Obama has signed his name to this H.R. 933, a continuing resolution spending bill.

Other items of note about the bill:

• The bill was apparently written by freshman Sen. Roy Blunt in collusion with Monsanto, with them helping to craft the exact language of the document.

• “The Center for Responsive Politics notes that Sen. Blunt received $64,250 from Monsanto to go towards his campaign committee between 2008 and 2012. The Money Monocle website adds that Blunt has been the largest Republican Party recipient of Monsanto funding as of late.”

• Many members of Congress were apparently unaware that the “Monsanto Protection Act” was a part of the spending bill that they were voting on.

• Obama had no problem signing it into law, which was unsurprising as he’s had a soft stance towards GMO policy.

• The bill will only remain in effect for a limited time, but it’s a bad sign. With the ease that this bill passed, it’ll be interesting to see what future bills look like.

It’s not as if people did not try to stop it. Over 250,000 people signed a petition asking the president to veto the spending bill over the biotech rider tacked on, an item that has since been widely referred to as the “Monsanto Protection Act.” But the protest fell on deaf ears, and the bill was still signed, regardless of future health consequences that are likely to come to light in the future.

Not only are GMOs a suspected health hazard for human consumption, they also cause issues for other reasons, mostly to do with crop/genetic diversity and overly complex industrial systems. And there’s always the fact that they often don’t even work the way that they are “supposed” to.

As Global Research words it, however, “When taken in context though, GMOs are really just another in a long line of environmentally damaging practices that people have done for short term gain/profit. From the large-scale deforestation of the world’s old-growth forests, to sustenance farming, to modern imported-fertilizer/pesticide/herbicide/fossil-fuel dependent industrial agricultural, the trend has been consistent…”

The Daily News then raises the chilling question, “Who’s more powerful, the world’s largest producer of genetically modified crops or the U.S. government?”


Rachel Grussi

California Bay Area native-turned-Coloradan Rachel Grussi Keller is a lifetime writer and UC Irvine graduate of Literary Journalism. Rachel’s true passion lies in telling the untold story, unraveling the facts and writing the best balance of all sides. With a benevolent bodybuilding father passing on his wellness wisdom, she has a long history of love for health and fitness, as well as helping others come to understand who they are and finding their value.
Rachel can often be found digging into Bioware titles, bonding with animals of all sizes (particularly dogs), traveling to destinations near and far, pushing the limit on her library card and putting yet another mile into her running shoes. She currently lives in the Denver area with her own Prince Charming, Jonathan, and their eternally-energetic, loveable Lab-Pit mutt, Lani.
Twitter: @rgrussi


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