The Propaganda War Against Spirituality (A Resolution)

The Propaganda War Against Spirituality (A Resolution)

I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’ve pretty well figured out that if you’re here reading Gaia, you probably have some real interest- even belief- in things that may be generally considered “alternative,” or maybe even (God forbid…) “paranormal.” Whether it’s just knowing how much the practice of yoga or meditation can improve your life, or being passionate about the environment, or even if it stretches your imagination that millions of UFO sightings are either totally imaginary or ‘scientifically explainable’. After all, consider this little detail: more than 3,500 military and commercial pilots have risked their reputations to go on record about having seen UFOs.

To me, the real question has become this: who or what is it that may damage their reputations, and why?

Welcome to the Loony Bin (…And You are Not the Loony)

Obviously, I’m in the same camp too, and probably like you and all of those fine upstanding pilots, I know what it’s like to risk my good reputation for my beliefs. Like most yoga practitioners and meditators, vegans, alternative energy enthusiasts and believers in the power of prayer, as well as paranormaIists of all stripes and sizes, I’ve had to put up with lots of disparaging remarks, cheap asides, “woo-woo” belittlements, and various personal dismissals – some from the people closest to me.

The real problem is that we are not the problem (in reality, we are the solution). In our madhouse of managed media (what Noam Chomsky calls “managed consent”), we – those of us regularly depicted by mainstream media as being the crazy ‘fringe’ – are in fact the real objective witnesses of a mounting ocean of evidence that’s redefining our reality as an expression of underlying spiritual energies, rather than as the result of surface material coincidences and inevitabilities. At nearly every turn, forces of traditional materialism are desperately suppressing profound truths about these discoveries, and about our amazing spiritual potential.

The Crazy Enterprise of What Doesn’t Work

The resources squandered in trying to control the spiritual evolution of life on Earth are pretty staggering. Our ‘Western’ policies of unsustainable natural exploitation and religious literal dogma create so much pain, that folks are willing to do just about anything to ameliorate it, and the relatively tiny minority of corporate opinion-crafters know that. The work of directing cognitive dissonance and denial to allow the continuation of our obviously destructive, unspiritual ways has become a real art, and in the wasteland of material illusion, it’s best artists are very well rewarded, materially speaking, and very good at what they do.

Every minute of every day you can see their efforts – as clearly as we increasingly see their catastrophic effects – marked by the media’s framing of our major issues so that they can never be considered in the ultimately intelligent terms of spiritual sanity. No major problem is ever presented as a spiritual choice, only as the politics or economics of fear.

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”

George Orwell

Childish games of language like the use of misdefinitions and euphemisms (“socialist” for humanitarian, “agitator” for activist, “fortune teller” for spiritual medium), or trivializing spiritually-inspired direction, or mocking people who hold clearly sane, intelligent spiritual beliefs, are constantly being employed to separate the audience from the facts, and, more pointedly, to elicit a sense of guilty complicity – a feeling of shared, exploitable shame for the sad state of things, and a false sense of superiority and self-enhancement felt when compared to the “crackpots who are different from us,” and don’t believe that “our system is the best.”

Portraying Enlightenment in a Bad Light

The anti-spiritual biases of our “Establishment” institutions take many forms, not just in the failure to teach the magical nature of modern physics and science, or how extremely effective spiritual solutions usually are (as well as by directed financing of schools), but also by commandeering attractive spiritual ideas in the media, and representing them in a way that diminishes their power. A simple Google search on the subject of “suppression of spirituality” demonstrates this fact – especially from our largest and most popular media venues – where you’ll discover an approach that’s very similar to the way our media covers politics: the emphasis is always on the strategy of ‘the campaign,’ and not the issues themselves.

There is almost always a “straw man” introduced, some fraudulent or contested effort to substantiate spirituality that shifts the focus to manufactured questions of character, and, while avoiding a legitimate body of existing evidence, subjects a bit of spiritual evidence to a kind of scrutiny and subjective evaluation by “an established authority” that no “acceptable” theory of science or medicine ever faces – regardless of how inaccurate it is, or how discredited the “authority” may be. Impossible scientific proofs are often demanded of spiritual evidence, when no direct evidence can be presented against it.

“All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed – only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.”

Nikola Tesla

Even media that caters to ‘alternative’ interests often presents itself in a questionable manner – in the bizarre green glow of amplified light, or narrated in a tone of hyperbolic incredulity indicating that even real evidence of the spiritual originates from somewhere “down a rabbit hole” – apart from the serious tone and intent of academic credibility. The producers of such media know those fine distinctions of parody and sarcasm, and that announcing evidence as though it were ridiculously unbelievable is really suggesting that it is.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Nikola Tesla

The Simplest Solutions are Always Alive

There was a time in this world when all of our ancestors believed in a world that lived in a kind of divine balance. The Earth provided all of life with everything it really needed, and only required simple, conscious participation, respect, and a little stewardship in return. Different kinds of energy surrounded us in fields. Power poured down from the sun, bubbled up from the Earth, and rushed by in the water and on the wind. Cures were found in the forest, and healings came from the spiritual world. The people who carried this knowledge came to be called “witch doctors” by our modern, capitalistic culture, and were denigrated as “primitive” by our institutions of education, medicine, and culture.

Of course, they were primitive in the terms of our modern, sophisticated institutions of science and culture, but even the etymology of the word sophistication betrays the misdirection inherent in their purposeful diminishment of the spiritual:

Sophistication, from the Latin sophisticare meaning “to adulterate, to cheat, to quibble,” and from early 15th century: “the use of fallacious argument intended to mislead; an adulteration, or adulterating substance.”

Nowadays, the pragmatic wisdom of our unsophisticated forebearers grows in renewed power as ‘alternative’ energy accounts for nearly 20% of all the energy used on the planet (with that ratio growing rapidly); as well as in the fact that our most effective chemical cures come from “indigenous” natural origins; and the plain truth that many of the means of healing we continue to discover have more to do with what may be considered spiritual – that is, our attitudes, willingness, and faith. Even placebos have had to be recognized as effective cures by our institutions of medical science.

A Resolution: Your New Approach from Now On

There is no question about it anymore. Quantum uncertainty and entanglement simply are fact – part of the very reliable mechanics of physical reality. There are mountains of evidence that prove simultaneous global awareness and transpersonal communications exist. A field of intelligent consciousness is demonstrated through ever more credible, reliable avenues of scientific study. Even market forces demonstrate the effectiveness of spiritual solutions: as more ‘alternative’ energy sources are becoming available, the price of a barrel of oil plunges – so an intuitive demand for clean energy is here, now.

But the conspiracy of entrenched concerns to suppress the growing spiritual consciousness of the world and it’s inhabitants is a very real, and very destructive thing, and here’s what you can begin to do about it now:

Whenever someone scoffs at a spiritual suggestion, or puts down the evidence of our spiritual reality; when somebody tries to dismiss the effective reality of our quantum spirituality, from now on, simply, politely tell them that they’re wrong. Let them know that the best scientific evidence no longer supports their antiquated thinking, and that the evidence of their disastrous attitudes are currently driving us toward catastrophic events that can only be avoided by rejecting and actively opposing the dangerously outdated, disproven beliefs that they continue to promote. Make sure you’re as nice as possible.

That ought to quiet them down… as long as the end of the world, as we know it, doesn’t do it first.

“The machinery of propaganda may pack their minds with falsehood and deny them truth for many generations of time. But the soul of man thus held in trance, or frozen in a long night, can be awakened by a spark coming from God knows where, and in a moment the whole structure of lies and oppression is on trial for its life.”

Winston Churchill

CIA Remote Viewing Documents Reveal Ancient Life on Mars

CIA Remote Viewing Documents Reveal Ancient Life on Mars

It’s hard to fathom the number of programs the CIA has or is currently funding and researching. The clandestine organization has been known to explore many outlets to conduct its operations, ranging from sinister to strange. But often the strange ones, notably those that become declassified because the general populace finds them too bizarre to actually be true, are the most intriguing. When certain programs come to light, it always begs to ask the question, what else are they doing that they aren’t telling us about?

During the Cold War, the CIA conducted several experimental programs involving the human psyche. MKUltra was one of the more malevolent programs aimed at mind control using drugs and other techniques for torture and interrogation purposes. One element of the program involved administering LSD surreptitiously to subjects with the goal of turning them into robot agents that they could then control.

The horrific intent of the program eventually came to light and was exposed, despite an attempted cover-up and destruction of all evidence pertaining to it.

But one of the more intriguing (and humane) programs that produced some interesting results was one known as Stargate, which trained operatives in astral projection and remote viewing. These psychic abilities that allow for perception and, if you’re well-practiced, the ability for your astral body to travel anywhere, including distant planets, has cultivated striking imagery and details that often have been confirmed.

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