The Apollo 1 Conspiracy; Did NASA Cover Up Gus Grissom’s Death?

The Apollo 1 Conspiracy; Did NASA Cover Up Gus Grissom’s Death?

Most people are familiar with the names of the famous NASA astronauts who pioneered the early space program that led to the first lunar landing in 1969. Names like Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, John Glenn and Alan Shepard are familiar in the pantheon of space pioneers, though there is one name that is less recognized, but equally important; Gus Grissom. While he played an integral role in getting the space program on its feet, his legacy will be forever marred by the Apollo 1 conspiracy as well as other controversies in his career, but is any of it true?

What Happened to Gus Grissom?

Virgil Ivan “Gus” Grissom was the second man in U.S. history to fly in space, preceded only by Alan Shepard and cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. On July 21st, 1961, Grissom reached a suborbital altitude of about 118 miles above the Earth’s surface in a 15 minute flight, before making his descent in the Mercury capsule, which he dubbed the Liberty Bell 7.

Thus, started the controversy in Grissom’s career, as he narrowly escaped death from what initially appeared to be a botched landing from his failure to execute protocol, but what actually turned out to be a faulty mechanism in the capsule’s hatch release.

Grissom landed in the Atlantic in choppy waters, whereupon his hatch door blew open prematurely. Grissom immediately jumped out without making the necessary adjustments to prevent water from seeping into his already 22 lb. spacesuit. Meanwhile, the capsule itself, which was supposed to be recovered, started taking on water, making it way too heavy to be hoisted out of the ocean by helicopter. Eventually the helicopter pilot gave up, realizing he wouldn’t be able to tow the capsule to shore, and noticing that Grissom was minutes from drowning.



Liberty Bell 7 via


Though he was saved, Grissom came under heavy criticism for not following procedure, leading many to believe that he panicked and released the hatch too soon. Grissom denied these claims, stating that the hatch released randomly and that he never touched the activation plunger.

The capsule sunk to the bottom of the ocean and wasn’t recovered for another 38 years. Grissom received a significant amount of flak from the public and from the aerospace community for losing the capsule. Though it was later proven that the hatch released to no fault of his own. In 1966, he and his family were moved to a safe house and kept under watch by the Secret Service.


The Apollo 1 Fire and Gus Grissom’s Death

Grissom along with two other astronauts, Roger Chafee and Edward White, were slated to launch the inaugural mission of the Apollo program in February of 1967. About a month prior to the designated launch, the crew gathered at Cape Kennedy Air Force Station for a “plugs-out” test, which was essentially a mock launch.

Within the first few hours, it became clear that there were numerous issues with the module. The crew reported a foul smell coming from their breathing oxygen system as well as issues with their communication system. Grissom was notably aggravated with the technical difficulties and was recorded as saying, “How are we going to get to the moon if we can’t talk between two or three buildings?” and calling the module a “bucket full of screws.”

But Grissom had also shown frustrations with the program leading up to that day, having purportedly told his wife, Betty, that if there were ever a serious accident in the space program it would likely involve him. He was also said to have grabbed a lemon from a tree on his property before heading to base and tying it to the hatch of the simulator. When he was asked by the media what he thought the chances were of the Apollo missions succeeding, he replied that he thought they were slim.



White, Grissom, Chaffee via


Within a few hours of the simulation, a spark from under Grissom’s seat ignited a fire that quickly engulfed the entire capsule. The pure oxygen and highly pressurized cabin quickly fueled the fire and prevented the astronauts from being able to open the hatch, trapping them inside. They all perished before NASA employees were able to open the hatch and free them.

NASA claimed that the fire burned toxic chemicals, causing the astronauts to die from asphyxiation within a minute, though a claim from someone within the private contractor North American Aviation said that the crew struggled to open the hatch for a full five minutes. NAA had been the primary contractor in building the module and was put under intense scrutiny when a congressional investigation exposed documented evidence of failings and inadequacies in the company’s development process.

The Apollo 1 Conspiracy

There was one safety inspector who brought to light the technical issues surrounding the Apollo 1 mission, whose story is particularly conspicuous in the possibility of a larger cover-up. Thomas Ronald Baron was a quality control and safety inspector for NAA who has been highly critical of NASA and its protocol during the Apollo project. Baron put out a 55-page report detailing the shortcomings and disarray that the program was in.

Baron’s report was brushed off as being overly critical and blown out of proportion, with few of his claims having any real credibility. At one point, he testified before Congress claiming that, under current circumstances at NASA, we would never make it to the moon. Though, many did not pay attention to Baron and believed that he was potentially being used as a pawn in Sen. Walter Mondale’s campaign to expose and dismantle NASA for its wasteful spending. Baron was fired by NAA for leaking his report to the press, while his company denied the majority of his criticisms. It later came out that top-level officials verified the credibility of at least half of his claims.



The Apollo 1 Crew Training via


A few weeks later, the Apollo disaster occurred and Baron began work on turning his 55-page report into a 500-page report excoriating NASA and NAA for the failures that led to the tragedy. Oddly enough, within a week Baron and his family were killed when their car was struck by a train. The cause of death was ruled accidental and no autopsy was performed.

The official verdict was that Baron likely tried to race a train to beat it before it crossed the tracks with his wife and step-daughter in the car. If this sounds absurd, that’s because it is. A whistleblower who testified before Congress against NASA and a large private aerospace contractor just happened to die because he didn’t have the patience to wait for a train to cross? Unsurprisingly, the official ruling said that he was mentally unstable and that there was even the possibility that he was attempting suicide; a common cover up tactic and attempt to explain what would otherwise look like a blatant murder. Baron’s 500-page report was destroyed and never published.


The Grissom Family’s Outrage

In 1999 the charred remains of the test module that trapped Grissom and his two colleagues was opened up for his family to see. Scott noticed a fabricated metal plate behind a switch on one of the instrumentation panels. He believed that the switch was used to deliberately create a spark that would have ignited the cabin, killing Grissom and the other astronauts.

This story was supposedly backed by an aerospace contractor who worked for McDonnell-Douglas, a company that later merged with Boeing. Scott Grissom believed that NASA didn’t want his father to be the first man on the moon after his botched Liberty Bell 7 landing. He said he believed that NASA might not have trusted him and was likely upset with Grissom’s outspoken frustration with the technical difficulties in the Apollo program.

But Scott Grissom said that he’s not exactly sure why NASA or the government would want to prevent his father from continuing in the program, to the extent that they would sabotage him, but he believes it was intentional. And Gus Grissom’s wife, Betty, also agrees with her son, saying that she too believes her husband was murdered. In the end, Grissom’s eerie, prophetic statement to his wife was right, the first serious accident in the space program did involve him.

Mass Media Mind Control

Mass Media Mind Control

I have had wide and varied interests since a very young age and have loved learning all of my life. Simply, I believe life should be lived as a great adventure of growth and learning in every way. In science, my interests started in crystallography and minerals and progressed through the several branches of science into politics, philosophy, religion and all things esoteric.

What is Mind Control?

In the late 1980s, the most interesting research I began exploring was on mind effects or, more popularly, mind control. My interest grew out of the misuses of the information released in the Church Committee hearings of the 1970s dealing with the CIA programs in this area. At the same time, the positive possibilities for these new technologies were also exciting. Stimulating optimum human performance, accelerated learning, meditation, relaxation, and focus could all be improved. In fact, even so-called altered states could be enhanced or even stimulated. The most fascinating possibilities, however, were even more startling.

The idea that perhaps we could stimulate what is now referred to in some literature as “anomalous human capability” or, in the past referred to as ESP or extrasensory perceptions, may be possible.

In fact, this may be the next evolution of humans on earth as many of us are acknowledging and science is proving.

Control of the Mind and Body

The predominant brain wave frequencies indicate the kind of activity taking place in the brain. There are four basic groups of brain wave frequencies that are associated with most mental activity. The first, beta waves, (13-35 Hertz or pulses per second) are associated with normal activity. The high end of this range is associated with stress or agitated states that can impair thinking and reasoning skills. The second group, alpha waves (8-12 Hertz), can indicate more relaxation. Alpha frequencies are ideal for learning and focused life form energy. The third, theta waves (4-7 Hertz), indicate mental imagery, access to memories and internal mental focus. This state is often associated with young children, behavioral modification and sleep/dream states. The last, ultra slow, delta waves (.5-3 Hertz), are found when a person is in deep sleep.

The general rule is that the brain’s predominant wave frequency will be lowest, in terms of pulses per second, when relaxed, and highest when people are most alert or agitated.

What is Entrainment?

External stimulation of the brain by electromagnetic means can cause the brain to be entrained or locked into phase with an external signal generator. Predominant brain waves can be driven or pushed into new frequency patterns by external stimulation. In other words, the external signal driver or impulse generator entrains the brain, overriding the normal frequencies, and causing changes in the brain waves. Changes in brain waves cause changes in brain chemistry; which then cause changes in brain outputs in the form of thoughts, emotions or physical condition.

As you are driven, so you arrive – brain manipulation can be either beneficial or detrimental to the individual being impacted depending on the level of knowledge or the intentions of the person controlling the technology.

Is it Possible to Train Consciousness?

Consciousness training is also a big theme in cults, religious organizations, and others pursuing the “new age.” Science has now gained a greater understanding of how the mind and brain work so that what used to take years, or even decades, to achieve, can now be mastered in weeks, days or even minutes. For instance, in 1996 a method and apparatus for the use in achieving alpha and theta brainwave states and effecting positive emotional states in humans were developed.

Two years later another patent was issued which could create desired consciousness states: In the training of an individual to replicate such states of consciousness without further audio stimulation, such states may be transferred from one human being to another through the imposition of one person’s EEG, superimposed on desired stereo signals and onto another individual, by inducement of a binaural beat phenomenon.

Is Thought Transference Possible?

This is interesting in that it speaks to the ideas alluded to earlier by the military in changing the memory of a person by imposing computer-manipulated signals which would integrate with the normal memory of a person. The possibility of abuse is obvious and the opportunity for personal advancement is also great.

Consider the possibility of gaining education by the transfer of data directly into the human brain by these new methods rather than the standard methods of learning. A serious consideration in developing these types of memory transfer systems will be the fact that they bypass normal intellectual filters – they are deposited into the brain as fact, without question or careful consideration. What happens when new information conflicts with existing information? Would it be possible to include hidden information meant to unduly influence things like religious beliefs, politics or consumption of goods and services or politics?

Ethical Questions Abound

The possibilities are immense and the ethical and moral questions surrounding these matters equally large. We can no longer avoid the debate; in fact, the debate is lagging far behind the scientific advancements. In the interim, there are some simple things we could all do to enhance our own, or our children’s, learning capacity by applying simple and available knowledge. For instance: “researchers at the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory at University of California, Irvine, have determined that 10 minutes of listening to a Mozart piano sonata raised the measurable IQ of college students by up to nine points.” This is a simple thing of great use to anyone seeking self- improvement as an example.

There are several articles and materials that speak to the various ways that these technologies can be applied and used beyond the scope of this article. Let’s get to the media applications.

The Use of Media

Radio, TV, the Internet, the power grid, cell systems or any other electromagnetic carrier can be used to carry a signal that will influence the behaviors of most people in close proximity to the signal. What such signals can do is cause a person, for instance, to drop into a light altered state. Like when people come home from work, sit in front of the TV and watch the nightly news feed. Within a few moments someone begins saying to you, “honey, dinners ready.” They hear nothing… they are no longer watching the “programming;” they are being programmed with the latest values, beliefs, and ideas being pressed into the consciousness of most people through media.

By oscillating a signal in a certain way, emotional states can easily be reformed so that the reaction to the advertising, political propaganda or “news” is as predicted by those generating it across the broad population as intended by them.

In other words, it is about control and manipulation. It is really very simple. People in psychology understand the Frequency Following Response (FFR). When applied to advertise or any other media, it is incredibly compelling.

Refined Control Tactics

Much more can be done with this technology in terms of the information density that can be sent in on such carriers. The objective of many military planners is to be able to even transfer thought and memory sets. These kinds of technology when applied to media particularly when coupled with mass surveillance of the population this allows those in control of such technologies to have profound effects on a highly individualized basis. This delivery system can be tailored to an individual person to have specific influences on that individual personality type and subtype.

The predictability of behavior for the target of the technology is so refined that is better at predicting an individual’s future behavior they could about themselves. Think about this for a moment.

Perpetual Worry as a Means of Imprisonment

Yet the simplest mechanism for inhibiting higher mind functions, peak performance, and anomalous human capabilities is to just keep people in a constant state of worry, agitation, and fear. Sound familiar? In these states, it is not possible to reach a higher state of awareness. These emotional states do not allow the brain to operate in a manner that will allow this possibility. Fear is the adversary and is at the root of the misuses of these technologies. The government fears an enlightened population where the light of truth shines within its darkest corners. An awakened population cannot be resisted by structures based on fear.

The Next Evolution of Humankind

After 40 years of research in the open literature and opportunities to meet and spend the time needed with the best bio-physicists in the world has allowed me insight into this area. During my time with the Lay Institute in Dallas, I put together a private conference on mind effects with some of the best people in the world. The surprise was not a story about controlling people and manipulating populations, although everyone agreed this was the case in the 21st century in so many ways. The biggest insight had to do with the next evolution of humankind.

Voiced first by the late sister, Dr. Rosalie Bertell, in her presentation about her belief that in what man was trying to create in electronics were already latent in every person waiting to be awakened. The theme was repeated in every presentation that explored the possibilities of reclaiming our birthright in terms of what we are as human beings and the endless possibilities that occur when we begin to recognize ourselves.

As we evolve and grow within the framework of this reality we also are beginning to recognize in the science of consciousness and what we know…we are more than we think, and we are beyond what we know. Together we change the world by fearlessly knowing that we each have all that we need to engage the world and are not alone in it. Our humanity is in fact our very salvation if we can recognize and alter our awareness.

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