Man Changes His Brainwave Frequencies to Contact Spirits

Man Changes His Brainwave Frequencies to Contact Spirits

Is it possible to communicate with spirits by adjusting your brainwave frequencies? Renowned psychic Mark Anthony explains how in his new book “The Afterlife Frequency.

Mark Anthony is a psychic medium who has been communicating with spirits since he was a child. In his new book, he presents the latest research in the fields of quantum physics and neuroscience to explain how anyone can tune into, what he calls the “afterlife frequency.”

“We know from matters of faith, that the soul — who and what we are — pre-exists the body, comes into the body, and moves on after the body dies. We also know that the brain, from neuroscience, has a coherent electromagnetic field. We know from the laws of physics that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred from one form to another, and that is why I developed the term the ‘electromagnetic soul’ to describe what we really are, that is pure consciousness that is eternal electromagnetic energy,” Anthony said.

“Everything has its own vibration, everything is made of molecules which are made of atoms, which are made of electrons, protons, and neutrons, which are made of the smallest single particle — a quantum — which is electromagnetic energy. Everything has a different vibration, spirits are at a much higher vibration because they are not tethered to a lower, slower, denser vibration that would be the corporeal entity known as our body.”

Just how does this electromagnetic soul facilitate communication with those who have left their bodies?

“Think of our world, the material world dimension, as AM radio in its energy, vibration, and frequency, and the other side as FM radio — that’s the afterlife frequency. In our world, AM and FM are two energetic systems that coexist and coincide, and it’s the same thing in spirit communication. You have the material world frequency and the afterlife frequency and even though they’re separate there are times when the two frequencies overlap and when that happens you get an alignment, that’s spirit communication and henceforth we are communicating with the afterlife frequency.”

Anthony explains that we all have two separate regions in the body that can allow us to enter into spirit communication.

“I believe that everybody is capable of spirit communication, not necessarily being a medium, but in receiving messages. Why? Because we all have the same basic physiology, and as I explain in “The Afterlife Frequency,” we have the pineal gland and the solar plexus which are the two receptor areas in our body, and I go into great detail explaining how they’re sensitive to electromagnetic frequency and the types of information that you receive through these two different receptors,” Anthony said.

“Everybody receives contact from spirits, it’s whether or not you’re paying attention to it, whether or not you’re spiritually, situationally aware. That’s why I developed the RAFT technique: to help people Recognize signs from spirits; Accept it as real; Feel it without fear; and then Trust in the message. But many people negate it, they block it, and when they do that they create energetic blocks, and there are many ways that people create an energetic block. Once you remove that block, you will see how spirit communication will not only be influencing your life, it can actually change your life and for the better.”

Anthony describes the source from which spirits receive information to transmit to the living as the “collective consciousness.”

“Think of your soul, or your EMS (electromagnetic soul), as a drop of water, and when you die that drop of water plunges into the eternal sea of souls, that’s what I call the collective consciousness. So then your EMS is linked to other spirits, that are linked to other spirits — think of it as this infinite internet — and you maintain your identity and individuality, but you are now energetically interlinked,” Anthony said.

“This is not some far-fetched concept, this is based on quantum entanglement, where on the subatomic level, subatomic particles even when separated by a distance of a billion miles if you influence one an immediate reaction occurs to the other. We are energetically tethered to our loved ones in spirit as they are to other souls. This is also why when spirits communicate, they can bring forth information, medical information, healing information, all sorts of information and data that far exceeded the scope of anything that that individual person knew while living in the material world.”

Will science ever definitively prove the existence of this afterlife frequency?

“We are getting a lot closer technologically to developing a device that can tune into the afterlife frequency. Thomas Edison was the first major scientist and inventor to believe that such a device was possible. Since Edison, we’ve had all sorts of types of paranormal investigation equipment, K2 meters, EVP, ultraviolet/infrared scanners, Spirit Box—they’re all designed to scan the electromagnetic frequency band. I was in the laboratory of Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona and he is currently developing technology known as the Soul Phone, which will, and already does tap into and communicate with the afterlife frequency.”

“Within our lifetime it is conceivable and quite possible that there will be a device where we can literally tune in to the afterlife frequency.”

Until then, Anthony hopes that his research will serve as evidence that communication with spirits is possible if we just tune in.

Times of Social Unrest Appear to Boost Our Brain's Neuroplasticity

Times of Social Unrest Appear to Boost Our Brain’s Neuroplasticity

New research suggests that times of global unrest present a unique opportunity for neurological growth and profound behavior change, but only when leveraged correctly.

Kayla Osterhoff is a neuropsychophysiologist who studies the interaction of the mind and brain, which she calls the ‘human operating system.’

“One of the greatest mysteries in modern neuroscience is actually how the brain produces the mind. The reason why we have not been able to come up with the answer for this is because that’s not how it works. These two are actually separate systems that interact together to produce what I call the ‘human operating system,’ which is responsible for our version of reality as humans,” Osterhoff said.

Osterhoff has recently been researching the hypothesis that times of social unrest provide a valuable opportunity to neurologically upgrade this human operating system.

“Right now, we have this very unique opportunity to upgrade our ‘human operating system’ globally,” Osterhoff said. “And that is because as a society around the entire world we are experiencing this social unrest and this has caused a couple of significant cognitive and neurological shifts that have provided an opportunity for us to grow and evolve as a society.”

Osterhoff points to several fascinating factors that contribute to this phenomenon.

“So, studies are showing that acute states of stress, like shock, trauma, or something surprising like what we’re currently experiencing in our world, caused this cognitive psychological shift that actually makes our subconscious mind more suggestible, meaning that our subconscious mind is brought forward so to speak, and it’s more malleable, it’s more programmable,” Osterhoff said. 

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