Study Shows Consciousness May Be Product of Quantum Effect

Microtubules Generate Quantum Consciousness

A controversial theory on consciousness has just been tested: Could consciousness be explained by quantum effects in the brain?

A 30-year-old theory on consciousness called, “Orchestrated Objective Reduction,” posits that consciousness could live in tiny microtubules in the brain, or as New Scientist explains, “Brain microtubules are the place where gravitational instabilities in the structure of space-time break the delicate quantum superposition between particles, and this gives rise to consciousness.”

The theory was first introduced in the 1990s by physicist Roger Penrose and anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff, but was believed to be untestable and was therefore regarded as a fringe theory at best.

But now, New Scientist reports the theory has just passed a key test, writing, “Experiments show that anesthetic drugs reduce how long tiny structures found in brain cells can sustain suspected quantum excitations. As an anesthetic switches consciousness on and off, the results may implicate these structures, called microtubules, as a nexus of our conscious experience.”

In one experiment Jack Tuszynski at the University of Alberta shone blue light on microtubules, the hollow skeletal structure inside plant and animal cells, to see how they react. The light was caught in the microtubules and then re-emitted in a process called “delayed luminescence,” which they say is comparable to how the human brain processes information. and, they argue, could explain the fundamental workings of the brain and consciousness.

The second part of the experiment was to repeat it but in the presence of an anesthetic. The anesthetic suppressed the delayed luminescence in the microtubules, meaning the light was re-emitted faster after the anesthetic shut down the microtubule. So what does it all mean? Tuszynski believes that turning consciousness on and off via microtubules could be the beginning of our consciousness.

However, Fred Alan Wolf, physicist, lecturer, and author of “Taking the Quantum Leap” is skeptical about the role of microtubules.

“Somehow we don’t feel microtubules are the final answer, if at all the answer,” Wolf said. “Maybe it’s the mission of the light that has something to do with consciousness, and maybe we’re knocking out the microtubules by putting anesthesia onto them. So, that was the hypothesis, the guess, the tying together of the timing of the emission of re-emitted light to anesthesia to consciousness. So, eh, how would you prove it? It’s an interesting concept. Who knows whether it’s right or not — I doubt whether it’s right, it’s too simple.”

As someone who has studied consciousness for decades, what do you think is the answer?

“What consciousness is, is very difficult to say,” Wolf said. “A better line of research would be to try to determine what consciousness does. Can we actually point to things that are happening that we can attribute to consciousness itself?”

Much more testing is needed on the microtubule hypothesis, even Tuszynski himself told New Scientist, “We’re not at the level of interpreting this physiologically, saying ‘Yeah, this is where consciousness begins’, but it may.”

Brain Waves Study Shows Humans Can Sense Earth's Magnetic Field

welcoming storms and rain

In a CalTech study, scientists determined that human brains do in fact have a sixth sense many have long suspected; magneto-reception. Much like the various animals that use the planet’s magnetism for navigation, the study showed that humans are subconsciously affected by Earth’s ever-shifting magnetic field.

By placing participants inside of an electromagnetic-shielding Faraday Cage wrapped with powerful square “Merritt coils,” researchers were able to recreate a magnetic field on par with the planet’s, which they were able to manipulate. They then measured subjects’ brainwaves using EEG caps while moving the magnetic field clockwise, counterclockwise or not at all.

Unsurprisingly, when measuring the subject’s alpha brain waves, scientists noticed a response tied to the various shifts in their Earthlike magnetic field. The only anomaly they detected was that these alpha waves were unresponsive to a rotating magnetic field that pointed toward the ceiling.

Though not entirely sure why this might be the case, scientists said it may be due to the brain not responding to confusing magnetic stimuli. All subjects involved came from the planet’s northern hemisphere and responded only to fields pointing the same way the planet’s magnetic field points in that half of the world. They said they would need to conduct tests with people from the southern hemisphere to confirm this theory.

Researchers involved also say they believe this ability is a defunct, leftover trait from our past; a “lost, ancestral magneto-sensory system.”

girl connected with cables for eeg for a scientific experiment 2

But others have long suspected that humans are far more sensitive to shifts in the Earth’s magnetic field than we’re even aware of. This is largely due to the fact that it’s been well-documented that human brains, like other animals, contain large amounts of magnetite – a magnetic mineral believed to act as a receptor to the Earth’s magnetic field.

Scientific studies on magnetite and their reaction to extremely low frequency (ELF) waves have shown that certain frequencies can impact mood and cause physical ailments such as depression, anxiety, nausea, and headaches. But magnetic fields at slightly higher frequencies can have the complete opposite effect, resulting in anxiety relief and stress reduction.

When it comes to large scale effects of the Earth’s magnetic field on the population at large, similar types of consistent behavior correlated with magnetic fluctuations have been observed. During geomagnetic storms and periods of drastic magnetic change, such disparate actions as increased suicide, fluctuations in the stock market, and upswings in birth rates have been recorded.

And now, some studies are starting to observe even more bizarre behavior related to our newly discovered magneto-reception: telepathy.


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