Power: Check In

Kevin Courtney skillfully leads you in understanding the essence of building stamina through a harmonious blend of energy, consistent practice, and the flow of the present.

This lesson highlights: ✓ Harnessing the force initiating within you, paving the way for a deeper connection with your inner self. ✓ Cultivating endurance in your meditation practice through the harmonious integration of energy, dedicated practice, and mindfulness of the present moment. ✓ The dynamic interplay of internal and external forces, understanding the metamorphic potential of embracing the practice's fluctuations and coming back into alignment.

Empower yourself not only by initiating force but also by mastering the art of harnessing and channeling it, thereby enhancing the depth and sustainability of your meditation experience. You are invited to acknowledge the force you've set in motion, recognizing the spiritual momentum gradually guiding your awareness inward.

Home play: • Keep practicing • Journal for five minutes on your practice. Noting how it's going, what you're enjoying, what's not going well, and what you'd like to do differently as you progress.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English