Power: Lecture

Kevin Courtney provides a comprehensive review of the essential elements in the previous sections, offering valuable insights into the various facets of meditation development.

In this lesson, you will: ✓ Be guided toward a holistic understanding of the meditative journey by gaining awareness of the three main influences on the mind—the five senses, memory, and the push and pull of desire. ✓ Shift the momentum of energy inward and begin to see the real gift of this subtle shift. ✓ Highlight the broader practice of meditation, which goes beyond techniques, emphasizing the importance of establishing a profound connection with oneself and cultivating acceptance of the ever-evolving present moment.

This lesson serves as a pivotal point in your meditation journey.

Home play: • Bring this meditative state into your daily life by asking “Where is my energy being directed” and if it's outward, see if you can bring it more inwards, especially in moments of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English