Relaxation Response

In 1975 Herbert Benson wrote the book The Relaxation Response. As a cardiologist he noticed that his patients with high blood pressure felt worse with the medication he prescribed. Just visiting him raised their blood pressure. Stress was the cause; the cure – relaxation. He, reluctantly at first, began working with TM meditators because they claimed to be able to reduce their blood pressure. He found out that they were right. These meditators decreased their heart rate, metabolic rate and breath rate, which Benson termed the Relaxation Response. He also discovered that the relaxation response can be triggered easily, quickly and anywhere. That is what we will tap into in this short, effective practice. This short meditation from Bernie Clark will explore the idea of the relaxation response, a helpful tool in for your meditation and yoga practice. By tapping into the power of relaxation, cultivate more spaciousness in your daily life. Featuring music by Ben Davis and Video Blocks Production Music

Teacher: Bernie Clark
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English