Finding Comfort in Your Own Skin

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Being Yourself - Is it Really That Easy?

Be yourself. That’s what we all aspire to – what we all want. To be comfortable enough with other people that we can really just…relax and be ourselves.

But what if being yourself is not comfortable?

What if your teenagers are constantly telling you what you are doing is wrong?

What if your spouse gets frustrated or disappointed in you?

What if a friend makes you feel guilty for something you did or didn’t do?

What if being yourself means lying around eating bonbons, and not writing that novel you always promised yourself you’d write, or, for that matter, not even catching up on all the laundry?

Being yourself is complicated

Even if some of those tensions drift away, others will come. Because you’re human, and that is what it means to have consciousness – to be alive. Being yourself requires learning how to enjoy yourself, lumps, bumps, bruises, and all.

Here’s a tip for you:

You know all that self-doubt that makes it hard to enjoy being yourself? It’s evidence of having an open mind.

We all believe that if you can really be yourself, it means landing at a place of certainty. But in fact, self-doubt is evidence of having an open mind! And while complete certainty is definitely a nice reward for all the hard the work of thinking things through, it signals the closing of your mind, in preference for the next big question – the next big self-doubt.

So the next time you’re confused, questioning what the right answer is, and full of self-doubt, remind yourself that it is great you have an open mind.

Stay tuned for more tips, ideas, and lessons on how to get comfortable in your own skin. I have been invited to do a workshop at Kripalu late September to celebrate "Finding Comfort in your Own Skin." Hope to see you there!

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September 27-30, 2015

Being comfortable in your own skin is a metaphor for feeling emotionally balanced and whole. Achieving that balance allows you to enjoy life more, feel more resilient, get more of what you want, and have more energy to help others.

Through lecture, discussion, and guided exercises, you will learn:

  • Three key emotional experiences that lead to greater comfort in your own skin
  • Strategies for physical nurturance and self-care
  • How to deal with emotions that threaten comfort
  • How to promote greater comfort in others

Come join Dr. Claudia Luiz at Kripalu for "Finding Comfort in Your Own Skin" in late September!

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