The Secret to Sexual and Financial Flow

The easiest way to get rich is to have more sex.  More gourmet sex. That is, sex which is infused with the power of surrender. Sex where you let go, emotionally open and let yourself be seen.

If you are feeling financially stuck, chances are that you are sexually stuck.

Sexual energy is life force energy. It creates new life. If you aren’t creating babies, you need to be directing that energy somewhere. If you don't, it will invert back on you in all sorts of destructive ways, creating everything from depression to weight gain to health problems to zero cash flow.

The ancient Taoists cultivated health practices around consciously directing this energy for healing, rejuvenation and spiritual unfoldment.

You have the creative power of the universe within your body. Use it.

Here's how:

1. Have regular sex. If not with a partner, then with yourself. Set up weekly sex dates, or several times a week. Hey, even try a 30-day sex challenge to kick things off. This energy needs to be kept moving, or it will get stuck and implode.

2. Use sexual ailments as barometers. Any problem in the reproductive organs is simply dammed up sexual energy. You name it, whatever it manifests as on the physical plane—in your breasts, prostate, cervix, womb—is only the expression of stuck energy somewhere connected to your sexuality. It’s a sign that instead of expressing your energy outward into the world, it is inverting on you, causing pain and disease. Take that as a sign that you have to reverse the flow.

I see this a lot with clients. Especially in women and the appearance of cysts. When I question them about their sexual history, there is always a correlation to suppressed sexual energy.

This energy is volcanic. If you try to keep it in, it will simply find another avenue to come out.

3. Your “financial difficulties” are man-made. Meaning, you made them. Take responsibility. Money is energy. Money is the universe affirming back to you that you have stepped up to your game, and are giving it your all.

If you are just dialing it in, if you haven’t fully connected to your path and are not giving your gifts, your bank balance will reflect that.

Not sure what your gifts are?

Here’s a hint: the closer you get to the truth of your gifts, the more money you make.

For years, I was in “exploration” mode, or I was doing some version of what I do now, but not yet in its fully realized form. When I got bolder, put myself out there more and fully owned my gifts, the universe responded with more money.

4. Your libido = life force. Carl Jung said that on a psychological level, the libido is our drive to individuate, to express our unique gifts in the world. You tap into that much more easily when you are tuned into your sexual energy.

At times, when I feel excited about doing something, when I’m poised at the precipice of a big risk, I feel a tingling in my second chakra. I’m so excited, that I’m sexually excited.

And, the precursor to this was me fully connecting to my sexual energy. I opened up the floodgates of my enormous sexual appetite—which really is an appetite for life, because sexual energy and creative energy are one in the same, remember?—and the financial abundance poured in.

Sex and money and creativity are second chakra issues. They’re all connected.

5. Clear the blocks in your sexual relationship. This applies to both your relationship with sex and within an intimate partnership. If you carry internalized sexual oppression (and we all do), it weighs you down until you confront it.

If there are blocks in your relationship, it will show up as impeded cash flow.

One couple I was working with had decades of financial instability. This mirrored their marital blocks. Once we worked on clearing those blocks, they experienced a financial ease that had eluded them for years. Literally, the phone calls kept coming with invitations to work after we processed a major block that had been sitting in the space for years.

The relationship with sex and money is profound. And usually overlooked.

You can use any of these blockages as barometers for how well your sexual energy is being channeled in your life.

Where can you unblock the flow?

Kim Anami is a holistic sex and relationship coach, speaker and writer. She gypsets her way around the world, hosting intimacy retreats in off-the-grid, tropical resorts. Kim also facilitates virtual e-courses to deepen intimacy and expand your sexual + spiritual repertoire. 


Facebook: Kim Anami

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mameefranglais, posted on November 3, 2013

responding to previous post, sex is our life force, let's not kill it .

mameefranglais, posted on November 3, 2013

Thanks, love the freedom, practicing yoga before and now more faithfully for life changing reasons, meditating on Chakras thus creativity, surprise, the old sexual drive comes alive, much to my surprise as I dismissed that part of me long ago….and when they say that older people can feel too ( I said no), they , whoever, are right….Pretty amazing. Love Myyogaonline!

twoofsix, posted on August 13, 2013

Oh for goodness sake there is more to life than sex and money. What a shallow article.

kimanami, posted on August 12, 2013

Thanks Aimee!

AimeeChristineHughes, posted on August 12, 2013

Love your work! Thank, Kim!

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