7 Ways to Embody Truth in Your Yoga Practice


The problem with our same old yoga practice is that the same old person keeps showing up to do it. One of the key aspects of enhancing life has to do with shifting who we think we are, to who we really are, our true self and full potential. Our normal view of who we are is limiting, and based on past, unresolved traumatic experiences, and a whole set of limiting beliefs. If this is who shows up for yoga, you are not going to be getting powerful new results.

So in order to get different results, someone different needs to show up. How about showing up connected to your soul!

Yoga, the union of mind and body, requires a particular attitude to work at its best. When we connect with the place of resistance in the body, and open our being to sense and feel the connection with that place, we find that the edge of resistance usually moves and we are able to enter a new place. We get a new perspective and a new sense of self.

What is actually happening is that a whole bunch of neurology, which is limiting you, now has an opportunity to rewire into something more free, for your mind and your body. You feel great! The more we do this the more flexible we become, and not just on the yoga mat…in our lives.

In order to maximize these shifts to a more flexible embodied version of you, there are several things you can do while practicing your yoga, no matter what flavor of yoga you prefer. These are methods taken from energetic healing and spiritual development practices. Showing up connected to your soul, means that the idea of who you are (your ego) is connected to the truth of who you are, which is sacred and held within your felt sense energy (your soul).

This felt sense provides access to our source energy, and it contains energetic imprints, which hold all the ‘information’ about unresolved past moments that are shaping our beliefs and views, and thus limiting our potential. In turn, these affect ‘who’ we think we are, and therefore the attitude we bring to our yoga. It is a bit like a fish trying to know about water. The good news is also that your felt sense energy contains the code for our divine purpose. So by connecting with it you will be heading in the right direction.

Here is how to make your yoga practice sacred and powerful in seven easy steps:

1. To prepare: breathe yourself into yourself and feel the connection with the energy in your body, the felt sense. Realize that this is a sacred connection, your soul. Feel it as one experience, head to toe, the whole you. Notice how it feels; what is the texture, vibration, quality or color of your own felt sense experience in this moment? Be curious. Breathe, feel and connect, and say to yourself while you are feeling this connection ‘this is me’. Notice how it feels when you acknowledge the connection. Does it change the quality of the felt sense of you?

2. From this place of whole connection, move your center of awareness to your heart, (the center of your chest) feel the connection with the energy that lives in your heart center, and as you feel it say to yourself ‘I’m here for me’. Be sincere. Feel how it feels to be here for you.

3. Invite yourself to have an attitude of openness. Feel what it feels like in your felt sense to feel an attitude of openness. Check to make sure you feel open, if you do not just notice which part of you doesn’t feel open, then sense it as an energy. Notice, where does it reside within you as energy? When you connect with that part, just acknowledge it, honor it, and thank it. This part is serving you in some way. Allow it to do so, and just include it as part of your experience.

4. Invite yourself now to be here without agenda. Notice if you have an agenda and just choose not to. Breathe into an attitude of ‘I’m here, because I’m here’.

5. Great, now just stay connected to the felt sense of the whole you; centered in your heart. Notice the breath coming and going for a few minutes, until you feel settle, at ease and whole.

6. You are now ready to begin your asana practice. In the beginning, if you cannot move into the asana holding your awareness connection to the felt sense as described above, just reconnect with it when you are in the asana. If you find a resistance place in the asana, the key is to stay connected to the whole felt sense while including the resistance. In other words, do not polarize all your attention to the resistance. Just allow it, with an open, curious attitude, and without agenda to shift it.

7. Finish your practice with Savasana, using the connection to the felt sense as described in steps one through five above.



I work as an advanced trauma therapist, energy healer and spiritual development guide, or consciousness coach. With empathic awareness, intuition, depth of presence and sovereignty I provide an excellent support to those wishing to heal from trauma, or limiting subconscious material that may be hidden from themselves. Through mastery of a heart-centered awareness, a potent field of support is created for healing, which allows me to perceive with high sense perception, the subconscious and unconscious material that is creating separation and division, and thus reintegrate it back to love and wholeness.
I live in community on Waiheke Island, in New Zealand, sharing land and life in a beautiful way. My journey with healing began over 20 years ago, with a spiritual emergency and a variety of resulting health issues. I studied numerous healing modalities and healed from chronic fatigue, PTSD, multiple chemical sensitivities, neuralgia, migraine, allergies and a whole host of other complaints. The nature of much of my trauma was pre-conscious and this is an area I have explored deeply. I recognize now the gifts and grace that these challenges brought me, and this work is the culmination of my own study and personal journey of healing.
My path

Most recently I spent three rich and rewarding years working in a co-creative way with Alchemy Techniques, and prior to that studied with the Institute for the Study of Peak States of Consciousness for 18 months. I have a passion for exploring, which weaves together a tapestry of knowledge from many spiritual disciplines, including chi kung, yoga, meditation, shamanism, tantra, new physics, the esoteric and the mystical. I have been blessed to meet the right people along the way…yet it has been life itself and direct experience of both powerful states of consciousness and my own traumatic material, which have been the greatest healer and teacher of all.
Embody Truth

Embody Truth is a culmination of my research, direct experience and practical applications of methods that work. Collected and refined over my journey to date, it is by no means static and continues to develop. Much of this work is influenced by my time with and contribution to Alchemy Techniques, and I am deeply grateful to Thessa Egan, who introduced me to some key pieces that empowered my work. Her work in consciousness research and mapping ‘the way’ are exceptional. While I share much of the Alchemy Techniques method, the Embody Truth approach is quite different in emphasis and the techniques for developing a potent sovereign heart centered awareness are of my own style and design.
I believe Embody Truth to be a key piece providing the ‘how to’ for spiritual practitioners.
My passion is to help others find their own way to heal themselves and evolve consciousness to one which is whole and heart-centered, with a loving joyful expression that recognizes through direct experience our inherent unity and oneness with all.
Website: www.embodytruth.com
Facebook: Embody Truth


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