5 Simple Truths to Boost Your Happiness


The simple truth about happiness is that it’s an inside job. It’s a conscious choice, every day. It needs to be cultivated from a quiet still place within you and radiate outwards from there, with no expectations about outside experiences filling your cup of happiness. By not allowing upsets, disappointments, betrayals, losses or normal momentary discords to dictate whether you feel happy or not, you flow with a sense of peace and contentment. The simple surprising truth about happiness is that it’s a philosophy of overall natural, consistent wellbeing, where you feel in harmony with all of creation most of the time. Guess what? It takes a little effortless effort to keep up. It’s important to eat, digest and eliminate well; to appreciate and feel gratitude for what you have; to sleep deeply; to keep things in your life fresh and positive by adding new experiences to your exercise choices, to your family dynamics, to your work environment, and into your playtime hours and your relationships. It’s spherical in nature. There are five aspects to consider when contemplating the power of tranquil consistent happiness. We’ll touch upon them now and go into detail shortly. They are:  nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindful stress relievers and passionate purposeful pleasure. With the word happiness in the middle of a large circle, envision a sphere of smaller circles surrounding and moving within their own field of energy. Within each are the five aspects, and when each swirl evenly around happiness, there is a steady foundation for feeling alive, radiant, vibrant and part of the world. When one is off, there’s a feeling of something missing, general malaise, unawareness of what to do, where to go, or how to get there. When they’re in balance within themselves, and in harmony with one another, you feel a calm clear luminescent glowing from within, quietly and continuously feeding your life. An energy that others can see and feel when they’re around you, which enhances you too. Here are the five aspects and how you can start to immediately improve your happiness in a simple way:

  1. Nutrition. Well this is a basic one, isn’t it? Eat well, feel well, live well. Really. Are you getting enough good nutritional food to eat? Ask yourself this simple question as if you are asking a child, because as you stay in touch with that innocence, you shift your perspective on eating and begin to make more consistent inner choices that are reflected in the outer actions of choosing what goes into your shopping cart. Your own body will tell you when something is “off”, when a part of it is out of “balance”. If you listen closely to its intelligence, it’ll many times guide you to eat differently. Release this food or drink, and increase this food and add more water. You may hear “eat less, eat lightly, or graze instead of consuming three meals a day with a few protein bars thrown in for energy”. You may get the message that energy can be gained from a 15 minute nap or a few yoga postures on lunch break, instead of any other ordinary thing you’re used to. Eat in moderation. Fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and greens; adding a little fish, meat, chicken or other meat now and again. This way your digestion will be strong, your elimination regular and your happiness quotient increased.
  2. Fitness.  Move, move, move is where it’s at, because we’re made that way. It doesn’t really matter the way you move, what you choose, or how you do it. What matters is the when. Every day, off and on, all day. Your body wants to move, to stretch, to step, to flow forward. So rather than waiting for that class, shift your perspective to one of intending to move as much as you can throughout your every day. Walk more, take the stairs instead of the elevator if you dare; really play with your kids and the animals by running around, skipping, playing outdoor games; do chores around the house and feel productive and positive at the same time; and yes, enjoy your classes too.
  3. Sleep. You know the drill. Dark room is best for deep rest. Keep electronics out of the bedroom. It’s only for sex and sleep. Leave eating and stimulants alone three hours before bed. Find relaxation techniques that work for you to release the day and ready for a restorative night. Here’s something new to think about, put the thought in your mind as you fall asleep, “I want to dream about my very own signature strength, the thing that I have about me that’s different from what anybody else has or can do.” Then let the thought go and breathe deeply into your belly until you feel yourself nod off. If you do this consistently for awhile you’ll be surprised at how rested you feel upon waking, and how your life can be informed by what bubbles up from within. Sleep your way to a more happy you.
  4. Mindful Stress Reliever. Try an easy daily meditation. At the end of the day sit quietly for five minutes and breathe calmly, deeply, and peacefully. Now, jot down in a journal one amazing, coincidental, surprising or wonderfully awesome thing that happened that really made you smile and feel connected to your spirit, or to others, or to your animal friends, or to your natural environment, or even to all of the above. The idea is to go to sleep in a positive frame of mind so the day is experienced from a perspective of being a gift.
  5. Passionate Purposeful Pleasure. You can increase the meaning your life has to you by doing things on purpose, consciously, and with a feeling of being pleasurable rather than just getting through aspects of life with a sense of drudgery or necessity, just waiting for the weekend or the yoga class you love, or hanging out with friends after work. We all have things we do that aren’t always what we want to be doing. Shifting the way you look at these things will make you feel quietly happy because you come to know that you can take quiet pleasure in anything. You can feel passionate about doing the dishes by envisioning yourself washing away little annoyances from your heart, with each swipe of the sponge. Shift your perspective on what brings you pleasure, what stimulates passion within you, and how you feel purposeful, to be part of all that you do so there’s this idea of holistic spherical thinking. That’s it in a big nutshell – the simple truth about happiness for now. Stay tuned for updated and interesting fresh versions of sustained happiness in my next article. Happy journey!

Holistic Life Coach Cynthia De Pecol is a Reiki Master, KRI Certified Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Teacher. Her 15-year business helps transform hundreds of lives through intuitive, simple, self-empowering gifts of perception and action. This allows a new paradigm for living where success, joy, vibrant health, calm mindful clarity create harmony between body, mind and spirit.

Website: www.lifecoachingllc.com


Cynthia De Pecol

Holistic Life Coach Cynthia De Pecol truly lives from the inside out, and encourages her clients to live this way too, in order to co create their most awesome life. She is a Reiki Master, KRI Certified Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Teacher. Her 15-year business helps transform hundreds of lives through intuitive, simple, self-empowering gifts of perception and action. This allows a new paradigm for living where success, joy, vibrant health, calm mindful clarity create harmony between body, mind and spirit.  She became a seeker of truth as a teen growing up in Toronto to live a life of optimum preventative health, expansive harmony and vibrant graceful wellbeing in all aspects of life.  This took her to India, Europe and around the US studying with Masters of Meditation, Ayurveda, and yoga in order to be a full expression of what it means to live fully present in the moment. She self published a book on 10 steps to be happy living in the moment, and is part of Carolyn Myss book, “Invisible Acts of Power.”  Cynthia writes a weekly newspaper column offering nuggets for living a happy, healthy wholesome life. She gives interactive presentations and workshops on gifts for the seasons. She combines a unique fresh mix of ancient and modern knowingness to promote actions in her clients that uplift, inspire, engage and support their living a rich, rewarding, fulfilling deeply joyful life. She cares deeply for her clients, continuing to refine and re define what it means to be a luminous natural cutting edge life coach! Cynthia home schooled her children for years and indulges her gifts for singing and dance with concerts, chorales and performances as they bubble up from within. She lives with her husband, children and five pets in bucolic Washington Ct. Check out her website at www.lifecoachingllc.com. Cynthia continues opening up  to cool worldly opportunities in the name of  being a student of life in all things organic, healthy and whole!
Website: www.lifecoachingllc.com


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