Want to Smile More? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself


A dimple, a crinkle, a twinkle, and a lightness of the spirit equals a genuine smile. A smile has the power to capture hearts around us. I notice that a genuine smile makes me feel vibrantly alive! Smiling is about fulfillment: a sense of meaning, integrity, and satisfaction that fills a moment in time.

Experiencing more genuine smiles means making decisions to support our internal satisfaction. Shaking up the status quo of our lives, if need be, to create more space. When we decide we want more meaning, integrity and satisfaction, we make the necessary changes. During those transitions we often find speed bumps in the road; what we need to genuinely smile feels impossible, bad, scary, guilty, selfish, etc… If this enters your process, don’t fret; simply keep the end result in mind.

Along the journey of life, many of us will experience an empty feeling, when smiles are few and far between; those empty gaps can feel like small ravines or big grand canyons. When we notice those gaps, often, we fill them with tangible things – when in fact what we are searching is an experience to scratch an emotional itch. A desire to feel more congruent in our lives, that we are contributing, giving, receiving, playing, expressing, and being seen for who we are in the world. To satisfy those voids, strengthen your ability to regularly choose experiences that make you feel complete.

To smile more, and bask in being vibrantly alive, try asking yourself:

Where am I selling out on myself?

What thrills me?

What makes me laugh out loud?

Notice what comes to your mind when you ask these questions. Write the answers down, and leave the judgment out. Decide on one small action, relative to above, and take it in the next seven days. Make sure the action makes you feel lighter and it’s not another to-do item. Then call anyone you enjoy sharing your smile with, or email me, and declare your right to smile more today!


Elea Faucheron

Founder of Move Think Smile, Eléa Faucheron is a voice for physical, mental, and emotional health. Who is she really? A professional life coach, a writer, an athlete, an entrepreneur, and an artist. She’s devoted her life to questioning, healing, and learning from all life has to offer.
“I started Move Think Smile because I wanted to improve my life and the lives of those around me. I love working with entrepreneurs and athletes building mental, physical, and emotional strategies. Not only reach their goals, but to stand in the power of who they want to be! I believe my work matters because we easily forget what is important. We get knocked down by stress, lost in to-do’s and endless mind chatter.
My question to you is…How do you want to use the time you have left? Because let’s face it, life often appears as if it is getting in the way of living. Enjoying this journey, relishing in the ups, the downs and the middle grounds, is truly far more inspiring than simply maintaining it!” ~ eléa
Website: www.movethinksmile.com


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