Is The Chintamani the Birthstone of the New World Order?

The Black Stone - Hacar-ul Esved

Sacred relics are always shrouded in mystery and intrigue, believed to be the personal effects of a saint or an artifact of cosmic origin. But one artifact in particular has a strange connection with the history of the U.S government and is potentially tied to some conspiracy theories regarding Illuminati imagery on our currency and the dawn of the new world order – the Chintamani Stone.

While the stone itself is indirectly linked to these conspiracies, it may have brought together some influential characters who had a significant impact on our government, unbeknownst to many. Considered to potentially be the first holy grail, this stone is thought to have come to Earth via emissaries from the Sirius star system, possessing otherworldly vibrational energy and even being crucial to the balance of the Earth’s magnetic fields.

The Chintamani’s Moldavite Crystals

Although there are no substantiated pictures of it and no solid proof of its existence, true to most holy grails, the Chintamani, or Cintamani, is thought to consist of moldavite, technically a glass, that came from a meteor. This glass, known as a tektite, is a high vibrational substance and is thought to enhance psychic and healing energies. Some even think that the Emerald Tablet, that contained the alchemical instructions for transmutation, a.k.a. the Philosopher’s Stone, was made of moldavite.

The origin of this green, vitreous substance is thought to have come from a massive meteor that crashed in what is now the Czech Republic. Though there are roughly 275 tons of it throughout the world, the vast majority is found in the Bohemian region of Europe where the meteor would have crashed nearly 15 million years ago. Upon impact, heat caused much of the meteorite to evaporate into the atmosphere where it cooled and then rained back down to Earth.

According to the more esoteric stories of the Chintamani Stone, this substance was brought to Earth from the Sirius star system as a gift from an alien civilization. It’s interesting that the stone’s origin comes from Sirius, a star which the Dogon tribe in Africa refer to as the Eye of the Universe. The Dogon tribe also said to have been visited by Sirius Star aliens. These beings are said to have kept tabs on the Chintamani, assuring that it stayed in the possession of important world leaders, such as Genghis Khan and King Solomon. It was thought to have been kept, at one point, in the Ark of the Covenant, also under King Solomon’s possession. Some even believe it to be the sacred stone of the Kaaba in Mecca, that is so highly revered in Islam.

Buddhists claim that the stone came into the custody of bodhisattvas and was reunited with its mother stone at the King’s Tower, in the heart of Shambhala. While Shambhala is an elusive and esoteric kingdom, it is believed to lie somewhere in Asia, north of the Himalayas. It is a place where a king will emerge at the end of the Kali Yuga to bring forth the Golden Age. And whether it is real or symbolic, it became the destination of a quest by Nicholas Roerich, a Russian artist who was said to have possession of a piece of the Chintamani, and was at one point, considered the guru of the 33rd vice president during the FDR administration, Henry Wallace.

Nicholas Roerich’s Quest

Nicholas Roerich was an artist, writer, philosopher and most importantly an occultist. He and his wife Helena were devoted believers of Theosophy, an esoteric spiritual practice based on the idea that a group of ‘Masters’ would revive an ancient eastern philosophy to unite all religions. This became the impetus behind their journey throughout Asia to find the fabled city of Shambhala.

Roerich was also said to have been given a piece of the Chintamani Stone, embarking on a quest to return it to the holy city. How he came into possession of this stone is questionable and possibly even fabricated, but some believe he received it from the League of Nations after it failed to establish a peaceful, new world order. Why it was given to Roerich is up for debate, but his multiple quests to Shambhala were backed by both the U.S. and Russian governments.

The Roerichs had known FDR and Wallace for quite some time and maintained communication with them during their initial journey through Asia. Eventually, the Roerichs convinced them to sponsor a second journey with federal funding, ostensibly to collect plant specimens that were useful to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for anti-drought purposes.

In reality, they searched for Shambhala and attracted much attention on their way, boasting of being American, despite having Russian citizenship and an accent, and carrying an American flag where it was politically convenient. Roerich also wore the robes of a lama ostentatiously, convincing some that he was the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama.

The true mission of the Roerichs is somewhat convoluted. Some believe their trip to have been a legitimately benign quest for the ancient, holy city of Shambhala, bringing with them the Chintamani. Others believe that they were on a more subversive mission to unseat the Dalai Lama and create a rift in the Buddhist hierarchy, in order to promote Theosophy.

There were also a number of different government agents with their own beliefs and shifting alliances with the Roerichs, who they assumed were working on their nation’s behalf. The Soviets believed, if the Roerichs could create a following in the area, it could generate some political capital and alliances in the region, and potentially provide access to any weapons or artifacts they might discover in Shambhala. On their quest, the Roerichs were also spied on by the imperialist British and Japanese, who were wary of the overarching Soviet plan to use the Roerichs for influence in their colonies.



A Nicholas Roerich Painting


The Freemason Connection

The true nature of the Roerich’s trips was certainly mired in the global hegemonic struggle, but Nicholas Roerich’s relationship with Henry Wallace, then Vice President of the U.S., is one of the most intriguing aspects of the story. In the 1920s, Wallace was a follower of Roerich’s Theosophical views and even referred to him as his Guru. He was also a Freemason, along with FDR, believing that the two would usher in a new world order headed by the United Sates.

Both FDR and Wallace were 32-degree masons, with FDR being the 32nd president and Wallace assuming he would become the 33rd president. He was also the 33rd vice president. Wallace proposed to FDR that the freemason symbol of the all-seeing eye above a pyramid, with the inscription Novus Ordo Seclorum, be printed on currency as a symbol of their one-world-order aspirations.  The all-seeing eye, or Eye of Providence, had already been a symbol the founding fathers incorporated into the great seal of the United States, which many believe to be an early sign of the intent of a new world order.

The relationship between Wallace and Roerich, which led to the funding of Roerich’s second journey to Shambhala, was inspired by Wallace’s early infatuation with his Theosophical teachings. One particular correspondence references the Chintamani Stone and may hint at its assumed power in instating a new world order. Wallace is said to have written to Roerich saying, “and I have thought of the admonition ‘Await the Stone.’ We await the Stone and we welcome you again to this glorious land of destiny.”

Eventually these letters back and forth embarrassed Wallace when he ran for president after FDR’s final term. Wallace distanced himself from Roerich after he realized Roerich’s trip had an ulterior motive and did not provide the agricultural largesse it promised. He was then chastised publicly during his presidential run for the ‘Guru Letters’ to Roerich who had then moved to India, evading back taxes in the U.S.

Wallace’s political run showed his underlying belief that he could unite the world as the 33rd president, a messiah of sorts, or the grand architect symbolized in Freemasonry by the all-seeing eye, completing the unfinished pyramid. Was Wallace’s vision of a single world order as insidious as Illuminati conspiracies might imagine it to be?

Or was his goal aimed more at a benevolent unity between nations and religions? Whatever the case, it seems a little naïvety drove his worldview. He was often derided as a communist sympathizer, and even mistook a Soviet gulag for a co-op during a trip to Siberia. So, it’s no surprise that he was fooled by the true nature of Roerich’s missions.

Was Roerich really in possession of the stone? Why would it have been given to him, of all people, from the League of Nations? If it ever even existed, it would be hard to fathom, but with his strange political relationships who knows what type of connections he had?

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