Expanding Your Consciousness

By: Gaia Staff  |  September 7, 2015

Expanding your consciousness…do you really know what that statement means? If so, do you know how to do just that? And what exactly is consciousness?

Why is it that humans believe that going to energy workers, seeking out gurus, and in some cases consulting extraterrestrials is going to raise your consciousness? Nobody else can do that for you!

Only you can raise your own consciousness.

Anyone who promises you that by performing such and such a task, or by following such and such guideline that you will be somehow saved, elevated, or otherwise expanded, is only binding you to what they think or believe is the truth.

Their truth is not yours!

That is the problem with religions. Religions state that you have to follow certain guidelines in order to get to heaven. Certain extraterrestrials have stated that only they can protect you, so you better follow what they have to say. It kind of sounds just like the savior that Christianity talks about. Christ is a consciousness — not a being.

Humans Relying on Someone Else

The mere fact that humans are waiting for someone else to save them proves that humans are relying on someone else to do things for them. Where is your free will and free agency in that?

When you rely on anyone else to make decisions or to do things for you, YOU are not the all-allowing being you came to this existence to be or to experience.

High consciousness beings know that they are capable of making any decision they want in their existence, and they do not have to depend on others to do that for them. We support that you are a far more incredible and powerful being than you currently accept. This is the underlying issue at hand. Man has been lead to believe (mostly by other men) that they are a wretched sinner, incapable of saving themselves and therefore need to rely on another perception, theory, or declaration of truth to be taken care of.

You are God in Form

Do you know that you are God in form? Do you believe this or do you actually KNOW this? That is the question, because there is a difference between the two. Belief is conjectural; it is hopeful or on its way to something. In other words, belief is hopeful that something will be truth.

Knowing is absolute. It is an unshakable truth that FEELS right. This Knowing is how you access and become the highest consciousness known to physical existence. It is also the experience that will take you far beyond the limitations of the physical back to reconnection of the all-being Source.

Anyone who tells you that they will raise your consciousness is coming from a limited perspective of need and requirement, and that is not information from the highest Source. Anyone who tells you that there are only certain thoughts or actions that will raise your consciousness is also speaking of limitation.

Source has NO limitation.

How to Expand Your Mind

There are many applications that can help you with the distraction around you, thereby aiding you in your focus to go within. Aligning with your Soul inside is where you will find God. But we support that the applications are unlimited simply through expanding your mind. By removing the illusionary obstacles that bind you in the physical realm, your accepted thoughts are no longer limited to the thoughts of low (or social) consciousness. These include thoughts of competition, survival, violence, judgment, punishment, reward, agenda, and requirement.

The open-minded state will allow all thoughts of possibility to be accepted and therefore activate dormant parts of your brain. This will cause a higher electrical current to be sent throughout your body using the circulatory system, literally allowing you to become the higher vibration of the unlimited thoughts you are accepting.

This is the process both scientifically and spiritually of raising your consciousness and vibration. But it is you who gets to do all the work, not somebody else. Isn’t that wonderful!

Embody Your Own Reflection

We truly can guide you through your limited perspective into the full allowance of your own embodiment of God. But if you’re looking for a savior, a fixer, or a protector, then you better start looking in the mirror. Accept your own extraordinary self as your guide and deliverer of highest truth when you release judgment of all thought and of self.

Do you know that every time you accept a greater thought into your brain than the one that you have previously accepted as your standard, that thought activates another part of your brain into usage? Science knows this — they just can’t tell you how to think a new thought.

Are you even aware of the different levels that there are to consciousness? We’re going to be discussing them in the next article because we believe you need to know how to do things for yourself.

Some teachers have said “just meditate and you will expand your consciousness.” Well, meditation is the beginning aspect of opening up your mind and being able to accept new thought. So meditation is good, but it’s not the only thing you should be doing.

Did you know that the only part of your brain that you use in social consciousness is the upper left and right sections of the cerebrum and the lower cerebellum? If you were to ask a brain scientist which parts of the brain are used most in humans, they will tell you the same thing.

Learn About the 7 Seals of Consciousness

Want to find yourself and move away from fear-based survival instincts and expand your consciousness? Start with our YouTube video.

We are going to teach you how to expand your brain thought process so you can accept new thoughts. We are also going to teach you how you can expand your own consciousness. Stay tuned for our next article.


Brad Wallis

Kasey and Brad Wallis along with Julius empower people all over the world. Through Julius’s higher consciousness teachings they are expanding the awareness of who we truly are by knowing our Source essence as limitless light beings. Kasey/Brad along with Julius bring their work forward through many forums today including Books by Brad that encompass Julius’s teachings, Personal Readings with Julius, Interactive Teaching Classes with Julius, and the I Am Academy, which is a membership community that is an advanced academy for people who want to expand their lives with Julius. Visit Expand with Julius .



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