Unleash Your Mind to Set Free Your Wild, Untamed Spirit


We are blessed everyday with the chance to discover the great and vast beauty that surrounds us and lives within our spirit. However, to see this beauty is a choice, as the aspects that stem from negativity are always vying for your attention. So where do we start in the process to reunify with our wild spirit?

I believe we start with compassion, understanding, and love. When we peel back the layers of our mind (ego) to be a portal for our hearts, we are entrusted with the opportunity to shape-shift into our wild nature. It is easy to say, “just surrender to it all” but in our state of being over-stimulated and disconnected, we need to start with compassion for our human experience.

The road to compassion

Our culture is designed to keep us in a state of separation and in competition with each other. We are influenced to constantly fight with one another, red vs. blue, anti vs. pro, right vs. wrong. This type of thinking keeps us limited in a boundary of false beliefs that will restrict our ability to see the endless potential of our spirit.

It is difficult to let go of all the labels because this is what has powered a false purpose for us. Living brave is a chance to see that we are so much more expansive than our minds can ever understand.

Embracing compassion and gratitude is a great place to start with this process as it allows you to understand that we are all doing our best. This not only opens the door to forgiveness so you can be more present, but also removes the pressure of faux success.

We all come from different circumstances, we have all had different challenges, and that does not correlate into a system that wants us all to be the same. You are a unique ember that harmonizes within the blaze. Each ember is intrinsic to the greater good of a successful and bright fire. BLAZE A PATH OF LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, AND COMPASSION.

Anger as a tool

Anger is an extremely important tool that often backfires on us. Anger is a spark that can ignite our power to take action and create change. However, anger does come with a warning label; you must move the anger through you to become a force. If you choose to just sit with the energy of anger, it will ONLY create more anger. This will drag you down the ever-popular hole of depressionand eventually it will create “dis – ease”.

Allow anger to move through you by observing as if you were a guest in your own mind. Just simple awareness will prevent your immediate reaction so you can just breathe through it. Allow and surrender, then consciously move to the “how.” Once you realize what has made you feel anger, you can plant the seed of change.

The greater perspective

Often our anger and beliefs comes from our limited experiences. Many of us have very strong beliefs about what is right or wrong without the knowledge or understanding from all sides.

Do you think if you had to watch an abortion from start to finish, it would change your mind on how to solve this problem? If you had to grow your own food, do you think it may change your habits of just throwing it away? If you had to make your own furniture would you be so quick to dismiss “old” furniture to buy new?

I believe the answer to all of these questions becomes the solution. When we can see all sides instead of just our limited view, we allow our heart to find a solution instead of flirting with the power of the ego.

Coming together in conversation

When you remove the barrier of debating you can come together in conversation and see the light in each other. This light is a reflection of unification, the knowing that we are all in this journey together and we do not need to beat each other to the finish line. It isn’t a competition.

However, your ego wants you to believe that it is. The ego wants to keep you placing blame on others so you are distracted. The only place for progress is with gentle conversation in person, eye to eye, not over social media where you can hide behind your computer. When we let go of debating what is right or wrong and just listen, we join together with great power. This power is amazing because it comes from the seed of truth and moves well beyond anger.

It all sources from our inner being

Ultimately, when you find the calm within, you teach yourself how to relinquish control, which reveals a mind unleashed. This is the beginning of your re-union with your wild, untamed spirit. With this inner journey of self-discovery and tools to work the limitations of the outside world, you can easily set yourself free. This amazing journey takes great courage because connecting with your wild side will change your life forever.

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How to Become Limitless | A Lesson on 360˚ of Abundance

The Rolling Stones have a song with the lyrics: “You can’t always get what you want…You get what you need.” But do we really know what we want or even know what we need?

If we could peer into the mind of the common individual who aspires for success we would most likely find this type of logic driving our wants or our goals.

For most, the idea of what we want is to become successful so we can then do what we enjoy. Successful in this case could be making X amount of money, becoming spiritually advanced, or becoming one of those people who say, “they just want to be happy.” In this mindset, the idea of success becomes a means to an end. I know this frame of mind intimately because this was me.

I was a normal family man with six beautiful children. I ran a successful web development company where I was the lead programmer. My idea of success was to design a program I could sell to Google or Facebook for millions. I would be free from the slave mentality of the common working class. Sounds logical, right? It’s what we all want.

However, there are endless flaws in this line of logic of wanting to be successful. For example:

This mindset assumes that as we accumulate the money we’ll have the same wants, needs, and desires as before. In essence, the same person as we were but with more money. This means to an end logic can never complete us. We want to find something that is a means so we can step away from our current life situation. We will always feel incomplete using this method. Case in point, look at famous wealthy individuals who make a decision to end their life. You would think they live in a perfect world, but their wealth merely magnifies the lack they had.

More flaws of this mindset will be covered deeper in this article.

I would have never realized these flaws if it wasn’t for my second near death experience (NDE). The second NDE opened me up to seemingly superhuman abilities that lie within all of us. With these abilities, I left the profession of programming computers and gained crazy proficiency in programming humans. I developed programs called Exponential Intelligence® and Medihealing® which help people unlock limitless human potentials with rapid, tangible and documented results.

But how do we know what we want if we don’t even know who we are and why we are here?

It took me more than three years of going through the “dark night of the soul” searching to fully come into the understanding of who we are and what is the real reason for our desires. My abilities have grown more succinct in helping people all around the world realize the truth that we are limitless by helping them achieve significant success in all aspects of life. I’ll discuss my findings and research in this article to help you:

  • Be who you really are
  • Get what you really want
  • Realize what you are truly capable of


From my research and observation of humanity, I can confidently make the assumption that less than 1% of individuals really know what they want and what makes them truly happy.

People want things to define who they are. That is the purpose of our ‘wants’ in the first place… to make us happy.

In this article, I’ll share my journey that has led me to discover what we are truly seeking. A discovery that redefines success bringing it to a whole different level of understanding. A discovery that will make us abundant in all aspect of our lives.


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