13 Signs You are an Indigo Child

Of both the Indigo Children and Crystal Children I see them as a upgraded blueprint of humanity. Rather than the assertions they have different genetics, more strands of DNA or even that they are a whole different race of humanity entirely, I come from a more gentle understanding. They are simply an upgrade, a 2.0 version if you will, and carry different vibrational frequencies. It is a blueprint and as with all foundations, the will of the individual may augment or deny this destiny.

Let’s also establish that both of these generations of “children” are well into their teens and adulthood, so don’t allow the label to dissuade you from exploring the possibility that you are of this unique soul group.

Who are the Indigo Children

The term first came up when addressing the aura colors of these very different kids. Prior to their predominance, human auric fields were expected shades of the rainbow, the Indigos' field however was dominated by this royal blue color which established a change of course for humanity.

Gifted souls, on a clear mission to challenge and shift reality, they first began appearing in the 1970’s. Beyond psychic awareness, they are highly driven and creative with a perception that sees through the established norms of society. Old souls indeed, their mission is clearly laid out to shake up the modern world and pave the way for future generations of Crystals to create greater peace and harmony for all.

While some may have past lives in tact, others simply carry an innate wisdom and adeptness at getting things done. The Indigos, for instance, will be able to know the answer to a complicated math problem but may not be able to document their steps. It’s as if they have done these things for lifetimes and have immediate access to the knowledge without knowing why or how.

This embedded knowing can assist them in all facets of life and make them excellent leaders for a new age. Barack Obama is said to be an Indigo and any cursory look at his career and life path can illustrate the distinct soul drive.

Challenges of the Indigo

Not everyone born of this generation carries this new blueprint. The early few were known as “scouts,” testing out the climate to see if more souls could be ushered in. Nor should we assume being an Indigo or Crystal is something to be idealized. Far from it! Beyond the responsibility such a distinction will carry, we have also witnessed the drive of the Indigos to be paralyzing at times.

Indigo children are destined to make changes, to challenge society and to be loud in what they see as the flaws in the system. When this mission is complete, they have to shift life purpose quite drastically. Those who are thrown off their life path early, that is to say their push for progress is thwarted or forgotten, often turn in on themselves.

We have witnessed many Indigos deep in depression, addictions and even suicide. So strong is this governing battering ram, it can turn inward when they are unable to create the changes they are adamant need to be made. The worst outcome for an Indigo is to be ignored or mocked... for their perception is hawk-like and they are able to foresee the pitfalls and are compelled to drive change at massive levels.

Of the most blessed attributes of the Indigo Children is their integrity. They carry it within and can sense when others are dishonest. They may not always see this as a gift, for the world can be corrupt and indifferent. However, they carry a deep knowing they are “right” even though, if pressed, they may not be able to explain their assuredness.

Indigo Energy

The majority of Indigos actually started arriving in our world in the late 1970’s. Their drive was strong, focused and they could not be swayed. The kids came in gallantly to change the world by stomping down untruths and showing the world what was wrong with society.

Their goal was firm and it took great courage, stamina and resilience to meet their agenda. Personalities often clashed and not recognizing the Indigos as such, they were mislabeled with ADD, ADHD, bi-polar and various other psychological disorders.

Schools and parents not knowing how to “tame” the Indigos instead sought medication to force conformity. These tactics only further fueled the fiery Indigos and many acted out aggressively. Those who did succumb to the pressure of society to be “normal” found themselves depressed, anxious, and rebellious to an extreme. Rather than seeing their insight as a gift to society, overwhelmed parents, teachers and doctors saw their ambitions as something to be fixed. This was perhaps the most egregious folly that befell the Indigos. There is nothing wrong with them in fact they are way showers to a new era of being!

Common Traits of the Indigo Children Generation

Many authors have addressed the Indigos and offered ways to ease their journey. If you wonder if you might be of this distinct soul lineage, here are a few traits which may feel familiar.

  1. Entitled - They are born feeling special and know it.

  2. Destined to be here - Confident and even arrogant at times as they are emboldened by something larger than they can name.

  3. Higher Expectations of Self & Others - This can make for a challenging relationships and interactions. They see only the best and expect others to live up to it. When directed toward themselves they can be unrelentingly self critical.

  4. Perceptive - Indigos see the world differently! Coupled with their innate self assurance they can often think their way is right and are offended if others cannot see, much less take action, on their point of view. If Indigos ruled the world, they are confident no problems would exist.

  5. Authority - They are not ones to negotiate, so certain in their views and ways, they are often rebellious and critical of those in power.

  6. Overturn the Man - Difficult and rigid systems seem foolish to them and they often become antagonistic to what others experience as normal.

  7. Creative - Musically and artistically gifted. Their art invites us to see the world around us through thier eyes.

  8. Change Makers - Their perception on the failings of society is so keen, they are magnificent leaders offering better methods of business, society and ways of being.

  9. Lost Souls- Feel out of place with others as they recognize they are different than most people. They can tend toward being loners or rebels unwilling to compromise just to fit in.

  10. Driven - As the Indigo soul mission is encoded in their very being, they are unwilling to back down from confronting what feels out of integrity.

  11. Passionate & Focused - Fiery temperaments may be hard to take. These are not the ones to be still or silenced.

  12. Highly Psychic - Without any need for development, their psychic capacity is finely tuned. While they see nothing special in their abilities, it gives them an advantage in reading others with ease and seeing through any masks.

  13. Frustrated - Coupled with their big-picture vision and restless soul drive for change, they become easily frustrated with society and others who are not shifting quickly enough. Patience is something that should be developed.

A Blessed Success in thier Mission

A look at our world today will show us how well the Indigos fulfilled their mission. Schools have embraced more open styles of teaching because of their parents’ demands for something different. We also can thank them for the shift away from mass-produced means and toward adopting a more natural lifestyle. Organic foods, naturopathic medicines, and a return to simpler times are becoming the norm. In their resistance and rejection to these institutions, parents (and society) were required to discover alternatives.

The intense drive and persistent push of the Indigos was a success and their energies must now be shifted and transmuted into lighter endeavors. No longer is there a need for firm, unwavering force to battle and eradicate corrupt systems. The ills of banking, healthcare, and education have been noted and people are outspoken and empowered in ways like never before. The Indigo campaign was resoundingly successful and now the Indigo children, complete in their soul mission drive, are free to shift, grow and expand in whatever ways bring them joy.

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