Low Back

Gaia’s yoga for low back yoga practices help support the healthy development of spine-stabilizing muscles that keep your low back feeling good. The benefits of yoga for your low back can include increased stability for your low spine, release of tension in lower back muscles, and increased strength and mobility in your everyday life. Strengthen the muscles in both your low back and your core to create stability. Develop an awareness of the low back through strengthening exercises, sustained holds to build stability, gentle mobility movements, and stretches to soften tension in the low back. Consistent yoga practice can train the muscles in the low back and core to engage properly, which can lead to improved posture and an increased sense of balance. Focus on the lower thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacro-illiac (SI) joint, and the surrounding muscles to help encourage the natural curve of the spine and feel more grounded in your body. Invite ease into your low back with these specially curated practices from Gaia's yoga teachers. As with any online yoga video, practice within a range that feels safe for you and ask your doctor if you have any concerns about your low back.

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