Low Back

Whether you live a sedentary lifestyle or you're a highly-trained athlete, lower back pain is the most common complaint from people today. Instead of masking the pain, why not get to the root of the issue and try yoga for lower back pain instead. With this series, you'll explore the relationship between lower back movement and support development to release bad patterns. With lower back yoga, you'll hold the key to unlocking one of the most common misalignments that causes people pain. The lower back is an area that lacks stability. Because it lacks a structured support of bones surrounding it, the lower back must find it's strength in the surrounding muscles. The key to aligning and loosening your spine is building strength and focused engagement in the connective muscles in your core. In order to relieve sciatica, performs syndrome and other chronic limitations, you must connect with and develop your core support and find the confidence of the ability to be able to release your back. Practicing consistently is what will lead to change. In this yoga for lower back series, you'll use conscious movements to release old patterning, transform trauma, and get a new hold on your body. By establishing support in your lower back, you'll restore the natural curve, increase hip mobility, and feel more grounded and centered in yourself. Develop an awareness of the low back through gentle movements that free and mobilize lumbar joints and sacroiliac joints and release the muscles. Remember to always work within a range that feels safe for you.

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