Level 1

Find a variety of classes with a focus on clear instruction and accessibility. Suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners, level 1 classes dive into the key components of the physical practice of yoga at a mindful pace, offering you a better understanding of the foundations of movement, breath, and props. Enjoy fundamental yoga classes that clearly and effectively guide practitioners into the basics of proper body alignment, yogic breath exercises (pranayama), and muscular engagement for a sustainable and inspirational yoga routine. With a large variety of class lengths from short 5- and 10-minute practices to longer 30- and 60-minute practices, find a beginner yoga class to fit your busy schedule. Set yourself up for success in your yoga practice by establishing a solid foundation in a variety of yoga styles. Level 1 yoga classes on Gaia include concise hatha yoga practices, refined vinyasa yoga flows, simple and effective yin yoga classes, and introductory classes in a myriad of other styles such as kundalini yoga, restorative yoga, and more. Level 1 classes in Gaia’s online collection of yoga videos are an amazing way to establish a yoga practice for your everyday routine. Whether you are looking to establish a morning yoga ritual to start your day off with positivity and movement, seeking a way to feel better in your body and mind during your workday, or searching for ways to decompress from your day and settle into a restful night at home, Gaia’s range of level 1 yoga classes have something for everyone.

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