Yoga transcends tradition in this collection of Fusion yoga videos. Combining yoga sequences with elements of traditional exercise, Fusion yoga sequences adapt dynamic movement and repetition to boost results. Shake up your normal routine by combining the stretching and opening qualities of yoga with everything from Pilates to capoeira to dance. Break down inhibitions and spice up your yoga practice! When you're feeling stressed from the monotony of the day, sometimes you just need a change. Get your blood and heart rate going and your body moving to enliven yourself in every possible way. Let go of your inhibitions and break down your barriers as you engage in a fast paced and fun workout. Our yoga fusion practices are designed to elevate your heart rate, workout your entire body, and bring fitness and clarity into one powerful workout. This collection of yoga Fusion videos is great for cross training and for those who want to integrate a focus on core strengthening into their practice. Combine traditional yoga poses with upbeat movements of dance, Pilates or capoeira for the ultimate in toning exercise. Balance and reshape your body with the combination of two practices. Our yoga fusion videos will leave you feeling centered, focused, and most importantly, sculpted. Get ready to smile and move with these powerful upbeat fusion classes!

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