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S6:Ep19, New Mysterious Radio Waves From Space Baffle Scientists (FREE)
Episode 1
6 mins
A new scientific study seeks to validate clairvoyant ability as seers observe energy medicine sessions. Dr. Helané Wahbeh of IONS discusses the new study.
Episode 2
5 mins
What does science tell us about human history? A new analysis of ancient footprints discovered in New Mexico supports the idea that our human origins are much older than previously thought.
Episode 3
6 mins
What lies beyond the experiences of this life? Linguist Lisa Smartt, founder of the Final Words Project, discusses what the research project has discovered.
Episode 4
5 mins
Has ET activity been confirmed at a US Space Force Base? Former Air Force officer Bob Salas discusses video evidence of a Tic Tac UFO over Buckley Space Force Base in Colorado.
Episode 5
5 mins
Dr. Raymond Moody presents his thoughts on the universality of Near-Death Experience (NDE and connecting to God in the afterlife.
Episode 6
5 mins
Can Ayahuasca help us build a more peaceful world? Dr. Maya Shetreat discusses the ways that plant medicine can affect the way our brains process our identity and connections with others.
Episode 7
6 mins
Can we heal psychological trauma in our sleep? Experts Charlie Morley and Dr. Garret Yount explore a new study of lucid dreaming and the potential to find healing.
Episode 8
6 mins
Some of the world’s oldest remnants of ancient civilizations are found in modern-day Turkey. At Karahan Tepe, archaeologists are finding that an ancient civilization may be even older than previously thought.
Episode 9
6 mins
Was our universe created in a laboratory? Avi Loeb, professor of science at Harvard University, discusses his theory that the big bang could have been prompted by advanced ET technology.
Episode 10
6 mins
Psychic medium Mark Anthony discusses scientific research in quantum physics on brainwave frequencies that may attune us to spirit communication.
Episode 11
6 mins
As NASA works to explore our solar system and universe, they may encounter more signs of ET life beyond our world, and scientists are already planning for these protocols.
Episode 12
3 mins
Researcher Jack Cary describes the historical influence of eclipses of the moon, and what we will see with the November 2021 partial lunar eclipse.
Episode 13
6 mins
New evidence of the roots of ancient Mayan civilization in Mexico is currently being revealed by archaeological laser mapping. Experts discuss the findings.
Episode 14
5 mins
Will the US government expand the official study of UFO phenomena? Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has introduced an amendment in Congress that would change the landscape of Disclosure.
Episode 15
6 mins
Is it possible to prove the existence of life after death? Billionaire entrepreneur Robert Bigelow offered a large cash prize for conclusive proof of the afterlife.
Episode 16
5 mins
Could a high level geomagnetic storm on the sun have opened portals on Earth? Matias De Stefano discusses the energetic effects of the recent solar flare.
Episode 17
5 mins
As the search for extraterrestrial life continues, astronomers hope to see alien planets through the new James Webb space telescope.
Episode 18
5 mins
Wormhole travel may soon be a proven reality, allowing travelers to shortcut through spacetime. Dr. Simeon Hein, director of the Institute for Resonance, discusses the current research.
Episode 19
5 mins
Scientists are monitoring energetic bursts from 3 billion light years away. Could these radio waves be distant galactic messages?
Episode 20
5 mins
Many of us struggle to get enough good-quality sleep. Dr. Donese Worden discusses some of the latest research into the causes, consequences, and natural solutions for sleep.
Episode 21
6 mins
Has science found new answers to chronic pain? Dr. Yoni K. Ashar discusses a new study of a psychological treatment called Pain Reprocessing Therapy that may eliminate chronic back pain.
Episode 22
6 mins
Can we access energy healing at the tap of a finger? Dr. Dawson Church discusses the history of these techniques, and the implications of using this modality in day-to-day life.
Episode 23
5 mins
The year 2021 has been momentous for disclosure of UFO activity. What might the public see in the year 2022?
Episode 24
7 mins
Can we heal the world with intention and the power of our thoughts? Researcher and author Lynne McTaggart shares updates on her work of many years with organizing group intention experiments.
Episode 25
6 mins
The power of focused collective intention can create measurable healing and change. Researcher and author Lynne McTaggart describes the latest results of her intention experiments.