5-Minute Tapping Technique with Nick Ortner

Now that you know the fundamentals of tapping, what areas of your life do you want to begin to release? In this video, Nick Ortner, creator, and author of The Tapping Solution, guides you through a universal tapping sequence for any stresses and anxieties. Within five minutes you will develop the tools to use in your daily life and start healing from the inside out.

In this exclusive extended interview, you will learn:

— The importance of recognizing and how to understand your current stress levels. — 8 tapping points and the corresponding Tapping technique. — A sample script you can use at any time. — How to tune into thought patterns to acknowledge and overcome their hold on you. — Ways you can begin to release these feelings. — Why you should pay attention to what is happening and explore the process. — How you can use tapping to uncover what is happening in your life.

Host: Nick Ortner
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English